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Different types of men use different types of perfume. Which one do you fit

Different types of men use different types of perfume. Which one do you fit men choose a bottle of perfume suitable for their own, just like finding their beloved ones. It's full of masculinity. Every inch of skin exudes the charm of men. Every action is the fragrance of men. Moving small fingers can attract the eyes of countless women. So, how do men choose their own perfume?

How to choose the right perfume for men

Mature and stable fragrance

If you want to date a mature and feminine woman, this traditional man's fragrance with the fragrance of vetiver, tobacco, leather, etc. is always selected by many men. This kind of fragrance is rough and slightly classical, which makes people feel comfortable and safe.

Warm and mysterious oriental fragrance

If you want to spend a romantic night, this male fragrance with musk and sandalwood as the main tone is very suitable for you. Its fragrance is long-lasting and implicit, leaving a warm feeling and rich mysterious color. It is especially suitable for oriental men with implicit and introverted personality.

Intriguing fragrance of lavender

If you want her to know you better, use this perfume to attract her. This perfume uses fresh bergamot, grapefruit, perilla and other ingredients as the primary or front tone, and strong sandalwood, oak moss and other wood fragrance as the middle tone. The subtle combination between the primary and the main tone of the fragrance produces sometimes strong, sometimes fresh smell, giving an elusive sense and full of personality.

Open-minded natural flavor

If you're born a bohemian, stick to it. Every woman loves a bohemian so much. The fragrance is composed of citrus, wood and many kinds of grass, and the male fragrance of jasmine and lilac can increase your uninhibited style more strongly.