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How to prevent extortion virus in mobile phones?

Extortion virus seems to be reviving recently. It attacked the computer in Colleges and universities, causing a large number of graduates to be destroyed. This time, it pretended to be a game aid hidden in the mobile phone!

On May 12, 'blackmail virus' was rampant all over the world. If the computer user doesn't get a certain ransom from the hacker, all the files in your computer will disappear.

Pretend to be a game aid

This mobile phone blackmail virus pretends to be the assistant tool of mobile game "King's glory" or software such as "ever changing voice show", and stops transmitting and dispersing through social platforms, game groups and other channels on PC and mobile phones. Once the user's mobile phone is infected with a virus, the virus will encrypt the photos in the mobile phone and the files in the download directory, and jump out of the pop-up window, claiming that only the ransom can help decrypt Related article link:

Network security engineer said that once Android mobile users get infected with the virus, it only takes a few minutes for Trojan virus to encrypt the photos and other files in the mobile phone, and pop up the pop-up window, telling users that if they receive the ransom, they can help decrypt the encrypted files.

Files and photos are encrypted after cell phone poisoning

Experts advise broad users not to trust the lure of software and download it. A few blackmail software will pretend to be artifact, plug-in, assistant and various kinds of software for drilling, praise and popularity. If encounter the communication software that stranger releases, do not open casually, need to use software to go to the website download on the right track.