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How to choose pineapple growing on the ground or on the tree

How do pineapples grow on trees or on the ground

Sihaiwang: pineapple is a very common fruit in our life. Pineapple tastes sweet and sour, juicy and fleshy, which is the favorite of many people. However, pineapple is a tropical fruit. Many friends have not seen the appearance of pineapple growth, so does pineapple grow in books or on the ground? How to choose pineapple? Let's have a look.

Do pineapples grow on trees or on the ground

On the ground. Many people think that pineapple is similar to banana and grows on trees. In fact, pineapple grows on the ground. However, the growth on the ground is not the same as the radish buried in the soil, but the pineapple will produce a stem in the center, and a pine ball like flower will grow on the top. After the flower opens, it will become a barrel like fruit, which we often eat pineapple.

On the growth of pineapple

1. The appearance of the plant

The appearance of the pineapple plant is similar to the cluster of leaves on the top of the pineapple we usually eat. In fact, if we cut the pineapple head with some roots, we can grow a pineapple plant. The growing appearance of the cluster of leaves is the appearance of the pineapple plant. The pineapple leaves are arranged in lotus petal like arrangement, and a single leaf is sword like, which can grow to 40-90 cm, and the width is about 4-7 cm Cm, the top of the leaf is very sharp, and the edge of the leaf is serrated.

2. Plant habits

Pineapple plants need water for growth, but the leaves are not meat plants that can store a lot of water, so pineapple plants store water by the leaf barrel formed by the grooves gathered from the leaves to the center. When planting pineapple, in addition to watering into the soil, you must also often water the leaf barrel in the middle of the leaves. The water in the leaf barrel is enough, so pineapple can grow well.

3. Characteristics of growth

Pineapple needs suitable temperature for its growth. It was originally a tropical plant that likes warm environment. Therefore, it grows best in the environment with an average temperature of 267 degrees. It can endure drought but still needs water. Serious water shortage will make the leaves of pineapple plant turn yellow and red. It needs to be watered in time. Rainwater should be drained in time to avoid rotten roots. In the middle of pineapple, there will be a stem with a long top Come out the flower like a pine ball. When the flower opens, it will turn into a round barrel like fruit. It's also the pineapple we often eat.

How do you think pineapple is sweet or not

The maturity of pineapple usually determines its sweetness. A mature pineapple juice and sugar will be more, so when choosing pineapple, you should pay attention to that if it is the pineapple you want to eat that day, you should choose that kind of pineapple that is already in its ninth degree. The color of the top leaves of pineapple should be dark, generally turquoise, and the skin color of pineapple should be bright, generally a little yellow to orange, and the skin is light pressed elastic. This kind of pineapple is just right.

When you choose a pineapple, you can only choose one that weighs more than one jin. It won't be very raw. When choosing a big pineapple, try not to exceed 3 jin. If it is too big, it will be very hard to eat and there is no sweetness and taste.