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Can pregnant women play mobile phones

Can pregnant women play mobile phones

Sihaiwang: can pregnant women use mobile phones? Generally speaking, women in the first three months of pregnancy is an important period of fetal development, which is also the most vulnerable period. Therefore, in order to avoid the impact on the fetus, women in pregnancy still try to avoid using mobile phones. However, mobile phones have become an essential communication tool in people's lives. If there are some effects in stopping using mobile phones, what should mothers do in the face of radiation generated by mobile phones?

The answer is yes, of course, it can be used. How can people nowadays live without mobile phones? However, some mothers' practice is to replace mobile phone card with CDMA. We can't know how much radiation can be reduced. No matter what mobile phone is used properly, it won't affect the health of the mother to be and the health of the fetus in the womb. The mother to be doesn't need to worry too much, but she should pay attention to some things when using mobile phone during pregnancy.

The weaker the signal of the place where the mobile phone is used, the stronger the radiation generated by the mobile phone will be. Therefore, before using the mobile phone, you must first turn on whether the signal displayed by the mobile phone is full. If not, try to leave the area and call the mobile phone, or call near the window or door, so that the signal can be enhanced, or simply call with a fixed phone.

At the same time, it is better not to use hands-free headphones during pregnancy, because although this is to reduce the radiation to the head, it increases the radiation to other parts of the body, and the most important thing is to protect the stomach during pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, when the mother to be dials the mobile phone, she also tries to reduce the talk time as much as possible. The longer the talk time, the more radiation it will produce. Naturally, it is harmful to the health. If it is only one or two sentences that can be solved, you can consider sending a text message instead. If there is both a phone and a mobile phone at home, you should not consider the mobile phone first, but the fixed line first.

The signal is the strongest at the moment when the mobile phone dials, so when the signal dials, keep the mobile phone away from your body and close to your ears after hearing the beep, which can effectively avoid the invasion of radiation. If the mother to be must drive because of some needs, then you can't make a phone call while driving. This is not only not allowed by the mother to be, but also in the traffic rules of normal people It's also not allowed, so the mother to be should not do it. Driving and calling is one of the reasons for the most traffic accidents.