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How to use eye muscle base liquid? How old can I use eye muscle base liquid

In fact, eye muscle base liquid is to protect eye skin, just like eye cream, but eye muscle base liquid should be used before eye cream. How to use the eye muscle base? How old can a girl use it? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

Can eye muscle base liquid be used everyday

Eye muscle base fluid can be used every day.

Eye muscle base fluid is mainly used to help promote the absorption of eye cream, make eye skin more hydrated, and further eliminate fine lines and dry lines. Eye cream is also used every day. Before using eye cream, it can be used with eye muscle base fluid.

Usage of eye muscle base solution

After cleaning the face and before eye cream, gently press 1-2 drops of eye bottom lotion to the belly of ring finger and rub for a moment, and then evenly press and apply it around the eyes. Pay attention to the gentle technique when pressing, do not pull around the eyes with force, otherwise wrinkles will appear easily. After applying the eye bottom lotion, the eye cream can be applied.

How old is the eye muscle base fluid suitable for use

It is suitable for people after 25 years old.

Before the age of 25, the skin is very young and healthy, the skin metabolism is fast, just apply some moisturizing eye cream, but after the age of 25, the collagen in the skin is reduced, the elastic fiber is also reduced, the skin will appear wrinkles, and the absorption of skin care products is not as good as before, at this time, the eye muscle base liquid can be used to help the eye cream absorption.

Can muscle base liquid be used in the eyes

May not.

The muscle base fluid is mainly used to help the facial skin absorb nutrition, while the eye is a special position in the facial skin. It does not accept the application of toner, lotion and cream, nor the application of the muscle base fluid. The skin around the eye is fragile and sensitive, which needs special treatment. For this, the special eye muscle base fluid can be used as the eye base.