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Zhejiang satellite TV oppo releases the live address of the festival in the middle of the year oppo

#Oppo of Zhejiang satellite TV released the grand ceremony in the middle of the year ᦇ at 20:30 tonight, it was the first time to see the live broadcast of the grand ceremony on Zhejiang satellite TV!

For oppo R11 / R11 plus, the new product pre heating advertising has already been overwhelming, but it lacks a ceremonial press conference. This afternoon, oppo finally completed the ceremony and officially released its flagship product line of the year. Related article link:

Oppo R11 continues the family design of R series. It adopts the all metal integrated body. The front side is similar to the previous r9s. It is still a 5.5-inch 1080p display screen, with the frame narrowed to 1.6mm, and R11 plus is a larger 6-inch screen. The back is made with the curved side treatment that fits the palm grip, and the more beautiful arc micro slot antenna 2.0 design is also adopted. There are three kinds of color matching of the body: gold, powder and black. Related article link:

Just like the "before and after 20 million, take a clearer picture" advertised before preheating, the biggest highlight of oppo R11 / R11 plus this time is taking a picture. Its front-end lens is upgraded to 20 million pixels, without soft light, supporting background virtualization 2.0; the back-end lens is a 20 million pixel + 16 million pixel dual camera design, and the 20 million pixel lens is responsible for long focus shooting, with a maximum of 2 times optical zoom and a maximum of 10 times digital zoom, while the 16 million pixel lens is responsible for wide-angle shooting, with an F / 1.7 aperture.

As for the specific sales information, this new product meeting was not announced, and will be announced at the oppo 'anyway wonderful' Zhejiang satellite TV Mid Year Festival tomorrow night. With reference to the previous pricing of r9s series, it is estimated that the price of oppo R11 series may start at 2799 yuan Huang Guanzhong, ye Shirong, Gu Juji, dimaxi, Chen he, Zheng Kai, Wang Junkai, Zhang Yishan, Wang Continental, Liu Haoran, Dong Zijian, Li Yifeng, Lin Junjie, Lin Yilian, Chen Weiting, Cai Yilin, Li Yuchun and Sun Yanzi gathered for the 610 all star mobile phone conference! At 20:30 on the evening of June 10, Zhejiang satellite TV will be together!