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Where to play after the college entrance examination? Top ten tourist summer resorts in 2017

where to play after the college entrance examination? After the college entrance examination, is it particularly meaningful for the examinee to have a walk on the go trip? It's a hot summer day and a long vacation. Do you think where to play? Temporarily change your tense mood for a way of adjustment. The tense atmosphere of ten years has passed. Today, recommends 10 summer resorts for you!

1. Jiuzhaigou

Highlight: Jiuzhaigou is famous for its originality and mystery. The natural scenery has the beauty of lakes, waterfalls, snow mountains and forests, and the reputation of "fairy tale world". At this time, the snow peak and the jade stand, and the green mountain and the flowing water reflect each other. At this time, the waterfalls and streams are even more charming, like flying pearls and jade, which are extremely magnificent and beautiful. Among them, there are thousands of ancient trees, flowers and plants, which change in four seasons, with colorful colors, colorful reflections and thousands of sceneries. It is an ideal place for summer heat elimination Recommended articles:

Tips: water, waterfall, forest and summer resort.

2. Shangri La, Yunnan

Highlight: the natural scenery of Shangri La is snow mountain, glacier, canyon, forest, meadow, lake, beautiful, bright, safe, leisurely, distant, contented, peaceful and harmonious, which is the ideal destination for people. From July to August, avoid the surging crowd, banish yourself to nature, listen to the call of the wind, listen to the song of birds, listen to the sound of water, listen to your heart, this is the real Shangri La Recommended articles:

Tips: summer vacation, photography, snow mountain and forest.

3. Shennongjia

Shennongjia iceberg is located in Hubei Province, where there are unique wind tunnels, thunder holes, flash holes, fog holes and other natural wonders. Among them, there are also icicles, ice swords, ice pendants, ice towers, ice beads, etc. in the mysterious ice cave. There are thousands of strange images, thousands of expressions, bright cold light and enchanting. If you like, you can also do a thrilling rafting here. Generally speaking, it's the best thing to feel a rare cool here in the hot summer.

Tips for playing: see the rare landform, ice cave and summer resort.

4. Changbai Mountain

Highlight: Changbai Mountain is the first mountain in Guandong with beautiful scenery and charming scenery. It is famous at home and abroad. It can be said that it is "small at a glance". Due to the vertical change of mountain terrain, Changbai Mountain has formed four landscape zones from temperate zone to frigid zone with the increase of height adjustment, which is rare in the world. There are four seasons in one mountain, Ten li different days', at this time can spend a different summer Recommended articles:

Tips for playing: mountain climbing, forest watching, summer vacation, Tianchi watching, rare landscapes and creatures watching.

5. Beidaihe

Reason: Beidaihe is located in the southwest of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, bordering Bohai Sea in the South and Lianfeng mountain in the north. The beach is long and winding, the sand is soft and the tide is flat, the trees are verdant, and the water surface is cool and breezy. It is a famous seaside summer resort. In the midsummer, the climate here is pleasant. Tourists are relaxed and happy in the middle of it, and all the heat is gone. At this time, it is also one of the nine scenic spots in Shenzhou. Beidaihe scenic spot is located at the seaside of Beidaihe. The Yingjiao Pavilion at the northeast end is the best place.

Tips for playing: watching sunrise, playing water, playing sand and summer vacation articles recommended:

6. Guilin

Highlight: Guilin is a karst landform. These special landforms are integrated with the beautiful and charming rural scenery of Lijiang River and its surroundings, forming a unique and famous "Guilin landscape" with clear mountains, clear water, strange caves and beautiful rocks. At this time, the mountains are pulled out from the ground in a variety of ways; the water of Lijiang River is winding and zigzag, as clear as a mirror; there are many caves in the mountains, with strange and magnificent scenery; the grotesque rocks in the caves are extremely skillful, and there are a variety of dazzling, and from the top to the bottom, there should be the praise of "mountains and rivers are the best in the world".

7. Wuzhen

Highlight: Wuzhen is an ancient water town with a long history and rich cultural atmosphere. At this time, in addition to the small bridge, flowing water, people's water town style and exquisite and elegant residential buildings, there is a strong historical and cultural atmosphere. In this town, there were 64 Jinshi and 161 Jinshi in history. Mao Dun, the literary giant of modern China, was also born in this small town.

Tips for playing: looking at ancient architecture and experiencing the hometown of literature and history

8. Qiandao Lake

Highlight: the slogan of "Nongfu mountain spring, a little sweet" is well known. It comes from Qiandao Lake, a national first-class water body. It can reach the drinking water standard without any treatment. Qiandao Lake is a happy lake. Qiandao Lake has developed and opened more than 20 scenic spots in four series, including natural scenery, cultural landscape, wild animals and entertainment. It has opened up characteristic tourism routes from spring to Thousand Island Lake, summer of Thousand Island Lake, golden autumn of Thousand Island Lake, sightseeing and vacation tour, entertainment and leisure tour, water sports and entertainment tour, special tour of history and culture, orchard picking and farmhouse music, as well as participatory tourism projects such as giant net fishing, water sports, range rover in the air, fishermen's custom performance, etc. Attracting Chinese and foreign tourists, becoming a famous scenic spot at home and abroad article recommendation:

Tips for playing: Cruise, hydrophilic

9. Tibet

Highlight: Tibet has become an ideal tourist destination for many domestic tourists in summer with suitable temperature and unique scenery. But the most impressive are the lakes in Tibet: dotted, colorful, legendary and mysterious. Many tourism product designers especially remind you that in the hot summer, when South China is in the furnace and the desert in the north is steaming up, these lakes in Tibet are the best summer resort. Walking around the lake, the breeze blows, the cool, beautiful scenery accompanies, it's refreshing!

Tips for playing: close to nature, plateau travel

10. Yining, Xinjiang

The two most famous lavender producing areas in the world are Provence in southeast France and fuliano in Hokkaido, Japan. However, Provence is too far away and Hokkaido is not close. In fact, in Xinjiang, China, there is a 3000 mu Lavender that will bloom all over the mountains and fields. This exciting place is located at the foot of Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, the beautiful Ili River Valley, and the natural herb garden of Yiren. In summer, lavender and various crops are blooming, including yellow rape, red potato and snow-green lotus. Here are all the dreamy colorful flower fields, just like a patchwork coat that God forgot on the earth. From June to August every year, when the flowering period of lavender comes, the whole garden seems to put on a purple coat, and the fragrant Lavender sways in the wind.