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What should women do when they encounter sex wolves on the subway in summer? How to prevent sexual h

In summer, many women like to wear more exposed clothes. There are more incidents of women being photographed secretly or being 'salted pig hands' on the bus. So what should women do when they are harassed by salty pig hands on the bus or subway? Listen to what the police can do! Don't panic when they encounter sex wolves on the public in summer. Shouting for help is the best choice.

Police said that "sex wolves" on the bus usually catch women's unspoken psychology to harass. In this case, women must keep calm and can do larger body movements, such as turning around or stepping to one side, to warn the "sex wolf". If the "sex wolf" does not converge, women can shout loudly, ask for help from the surrounding passengers or drivers, actively look for witnesses, call 110 to call the police for handling Related article link:

Police caution: women should not be too exposed in summer to avoid harassment. To learn the following five ways to treat the sex wolf on the bus.

The first cold look: look at the wolf with a threatening look. Try to squeeze in as many women as possible, and the same sex depends on each other for relative safety.

The second way to find dependence: to rely on the direction of the company and the passengers. Because of the lack of heart, sex wolves will not catch up with each other. If you catch up, the driver will help you.

The third way is to cry out in a quick voice: "catch the thief" when encountering a wolf. He must refute that he is not a thief. Then you can say: "if you don't steal, how can you stick it on me all the time?" and make the wolf feel helpless Related article link:

Step on the heel of a wolf and say "I'm sorry". The thin heels of fashionable sandals are the best weapon against the "freeloaders" on the bus.

The fifth call 110 in time: the last one is witty response, and then call 110, so that the wolf can get the proper end.