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How to remove the fog in the car in rainy days

In rainy days, when the windows are closed tightly, there will be a layer of fog in the car. The rear-view mirror and the front glass cannot see clearly, which is very dangerous. How to get rid of the fog in the car? Xiaobian has a good way. Come and have a look.

Method of mist removal in rainy day

First, through the window convection demisting

If the fog is not big, we can open a gap between the windows on both sides (we can't do this when it's raining), so that the air in the car will convection, the temperature inside the car will slowly approach the temperature outside the car, and the fog will dissipate. The advantage is that the air conditioner can be turned on without increasing fuel consumption, but this method may not be used in rainy days.

Comments: it's a good method when it doesn't rain and the temperature is acceptable. The disadvantage is that it's not suitable to use when running at high speed. Special demisting products

Second, use the air conditioning system to remove the fog in the car

We met with the wind in rainy days, I believe many friends have used the air conditioning system to remove the fog, in fact, there are some skills here. I believe that many friends have questions and disputes about the effect of using cold air or warm air to remove fog. In fact, no matter what the answer is, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

1. Cold air demisting: turn on the fan and refrigeration switch in the car, so that the air-conditioner will blow to the glass and the fog will soon disperse, and the effect will be very quick and direct. This is because the cold air blows to the glass, forming a 'cold film' on the surface of the glass, preventing the carbon dioxide from condensing on the glass, which has the effect of demisting.

Disadvantages: people in the car will get colder and colder. Imagine that it's really hard to blow the air conditioner in the car on rainy days prone to fog! After blowing for a few minutes, the air conditioner may be turned off, and then the fog will start hanging on the glass, and the air conditioner & hellip; & hellip; will be turned on again and again. Such repeated operations are not convenient and the temperature in the car will be very inappropriate. In addition, the operation with head down will cause certain safety problems Hidden danger. Of course, if you are strong, this method can also be used.

2. Hot air demisting: turn on the hot air, not only will not increase the additional energy consumption, but also can comfortable driving, kill two birds with one stone!

Disadvantages: if the hot air is turned on when the glass has fogged during driving, the fog on the glass will become more and more serious! It is more obvious when the moisture in the air is large in rainy days, it will turn the front windshield into frosted glass, which is very dangerous! Therefore, the editor suggests that you should not try to blow the windshield with hot air during driving. It is better to blow the glass with hot air before driving until it is dry on the road. (the use method of automatic air conditioning is the same)

Conclusion: the effect of blowing glass with hot air is better than that with cold air, but the process is much slower than that with cold air. When it is just opened, the fog on the inside of the glass will indeed become larger. This is because the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is larger. After the hot air dries the water in the car, the glass will become transparent. The process will be good in a few minutes.

Operation process: park the car on the side of the road, turn on the hot air, adjust the temperature to 25 degrees or higher, wait until the fog inside the glass is completely blown dry, then reduce the temperature a little, so that the driving process will not fog again, because the car is dry.

In addition to the front windscreen, the side windows will also be foggy. The fog on the front side windows will affect the driver's observation of the rear-view mirror. Today's cars have a single air outlet for blowing the front side window, but it is generally very small. If the effect is not obvious, we can close two central air outlets, so that the air outlets on both sides can get more air. (air conditioning of some high-end cars is independently controlled, which may not be applicable)

Small sign: hot air can't make fog. Don't make it too hot, or you'll get cold easily.

Third, use special demisting products to remove fog

Auto Parts City, supermarket and many other places are sold. Spray the defogger on the inner surface of the automobile glass and wipe it clean. While cleaning the glass dirt, it can also form a protective film to prevent the fog layer formed by condensation of water vapor on the glass. One spray can prevent fog for about ten days. The price is from ten yuan to more than one hundred yuan. At present, the market of defogger is mixed, so it is easy to buy products with poor effect. In fact, you don't have to spend any money on self-control.

In fact, we can mix 'antifogging agent' by ourselves, and the effect is not bad. The easiest way is to mix it with detergent. Wash the spirit and water according to the ratio of 1:10, and then dip it with a clean and soft cloth on the inner side of the front and rear windshield, or pour it into a small watering can. This method is simple and economical.

Comments: it's a bit of work to buy defogger to prevent fog, and it's not effective for a long time. It's not recommended to use this method.

Fourth, detergent anti fog

If you still find the above methods hard to remember and cumbersome to operate, we might as well mix 'antifogging agent' ourselves to prevent fog. Online and tips show also introduced a lot, the simplest is to use washing spirit blending. The ratio of detergent and water is about 1:10, and then dip it on the inside of front and rear windshield with absorbent cotton or clean and soft cloth.

Comments: after drying, wipe off the watermark left on the inside of the glass with chamois. This is a good method, the principle is basically the same as spraying a special antifogging agent (the effect may be slightly worse), but it can be maintained for a period of time without spending money and operating the air conditioner, which is simple and economical.

Conclusion: the above are four ways to remove the fog in the car. The most simple, effective and universal way is to turn on the air conditioner. However, if the vehicle is just started, it is better to turn on the air conditioner after the oil gauge temperature rises, so as to prevent the car from bearing too much load.