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Precautions for flying on Qingming Festival in 2018

During the small and long holiday of Qingming Festival, a lot of people will fly back to their hometown to worship their ancestors, and the airport will also usher in a small peak, so what should we pay attention to when flying? What should we pay attention to when flying? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Precautions for flying in Qingming Festival I: Reserve 40 minutes and extend the deadline for check-in

On March 27, the civil aviation summer and autumn aviation season of 2016 will be implemented, and the whole summer and autumn aviation season will last until October 29, 207 days in total. According to the data, the check-in deadline of departure flights in many domestic airports is adjusted from 30 minutes to 40 minutes before the flight takes off. The passenger should know the relevant information from the airline as early as possible before going out. It is better to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight takes off and reserve sufficient time for check-in and security check-in, so as not to delay the trip.

Precautions for flying in Qingming Festival II: carefully change the ticket and increase the refund fee for economy class ticket

According to information released by domestic airports, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Air China will slightly increase the ticket refund and endorsement fees from March 27. Among them, China Southern's economy class full fare ticket has changed from "free change 2 hours (inclusive) before the expected departure time of the flight" to 10% of the ticket price; within 2 hours before the expected departure time of the flight, the cost of changing economy class full fare ticket has been increased from 10% to 20% of the ticket price. This rule means that it will be history to buy economy class full price ticket and enjoy a free endorsement service. It is worth noting that for those who buy discount tickets in advance, the refund and reform fees will also slightly increase to some extent.

Precautions for flying in Qingming Festival (3): knowing the delay, some areas in the south are now in rainy season

As the poem says, "there will be rain in Qingming season", this year's Qingming Festival, some cities in the South will also spend in the rain. According to the data of punctuality rate of major airports during the Qingming Festival in previous years, the punctuality rate of airports in the north is higher than that in the south. Passengers need to pay attention to the flight dynamics in time, make travel preparations in advance, and guard against unnecessary delay losses. If necessary, passengers can choose to buy delay insurance to reduce the risk or get a free delay insurance through frequent flyer ticket.

Precautions for flying in Qingming Festival 4: passengers are not allowed to bring pork and other sacrifices into China

With the coming of the Qingming Dynasty, a large number of Taiwan compatriots will return home to worship their ancestors via the Xiamen Jin route. Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds the tourists who come to China for ancestor worship not to bring the sacrifices such as pork, aquatic products and fruits which are forbidden by the state. Such articles often contain harmful bacteria and parasites, which have a significant impact on the environment, animal and plant safety. Therefore, they are forbidden to enter the country or need quarantine treatment before entering the country. Many countries have similar regulations, and outbound passengers should follow them.