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Open a new "ten generations" of handsome return

Open a brand new 'ten generations' handsome return the 10th generation new elegant Pavilion recommendation accord is a real veteran in the field of joint venture medium-sized cars. Since the sixth generation model was introduced into China and put into production, it has been widely praised and has maintained a good market performance. The new accord has been the tenth generation model of accord family. After more than 40 years of accumulation and baptism, accord has become a popular veteran in the field of medium-sized cars. The new Accord uses the latest 'exception H' design language and has a stronger brand identity. Its length, width and wheelbase are increased by 10 mm, 10 mm and 55 mm respectively compared with the old models, but its height is reduced by 15 mm, which also makes the whole vehicle more sporty. The platform and power system of the car also use a new scheme, which can be said to be a brand-new accord that is completely transformed from the inside out.

From ten generations of civic to ten generations of accord, it can be seen that Honda has also begun to take the front of dolls, and this new insight is obviously the product of the latest design concept of dolls, and it can be seen that this is a Honda car at a glance. However, compared with the strangeness of the new accord, the front face of this insight is really handsome, and the sharper headlight is more beautiful than Siyu. If the front face of this insight can be placed on the new accord of the 10th generation, I believe that the fate of the new accord will immediately reverse.

From the side of the car body, it can be clearly seen that this insight integrates the style of new civic and new accord, and it also adopts the shape of sliding back. The shape of the C-pillar part is very smooth. And the chrome decorative strip of its window is no longer only on the upper part like civic and new accord, but in the way of full encirclement, it looks like the area has a stronger sense of grade.

Honda has a deep knowledge in the field of engine, especially its civil engine has a good performance in performance and failure rate. The new accord has a total of 1.5T and 2.0T engines, the former can be found in civic, CR-V and other models, the latter is the same as civic Type-R, crown road and other models, but their adjustment is slightly different. The new Accord 1.5T model uses 6-gear manual and CVT continuously variable transmission, while the 2.0T model uses the first 10 gear manual self-contained transmission.