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How about the latest quotation of Volvo s60l in 2018

Although Volvo is the leader in the middle and high-end cars, it also wins by price and quality. The 2018 Volvo s60l is not increased in quantity, but not in price. Under the label of Volvo's high-priced car, there are only 276900 cars, which are not too friendly to the people. Is the 2018 Volvo s60l worth buying? Let's take a look.

Introduction to 2018 Volvo s60l

1. The 2018 s60l progressive version is further optimized in terms of appearance. Overall, the shape is more brilliant, increasing visual tension and adding more calm temperament. The air intake grille is equipped with straight waterfall chrome plated grille frame, and chrome plated decorative strips are added on both sides of the lower grille, which are close to the latest family design language of Volvo, while continuing the elegance and coordination of s60l. Surrounded by the side windows and the rectangular exhaust pipe integrated with the rear bumper, the 2018 s60l progressive sedan is more fashionable and luxurious with chrome decoration.

2. For the power system, T3 model is equipped with a 1.5T four cylinder turbocharged engine, while T4 model is equipped with a low-power version of 2.0T turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 140kW (190ps) and a peak torque of 300nm. T5 model is equipped with high-power version 2.0T turbocharged engine, with maximum power of 180kW (245ps) and peak torque of 350nm. The transmission part is matched with 6-speed automatic transmission and 8-speed automatic transmission respectively.

3. In terms of interior decoration, there is little change. Compared with the same level, it seems a little backward. In fact, the interior design should be adjusted most, and it is disappointing that no major change has been made this time. The main reason is that the interior layout can't keep up with the trend of modern aesthetics, especially in the central control area. Too many complicated physical buttons are not pleasant to watch, which needs to be improved. But it's a good thing that the materials and workmanship of the interior didn't fall short of the standard of the luxury car. The low-key luxury feeling can be seen.

4. In terms of safety configuration, this is Volvo's skill. The new s60l is equipped with urban safety system. In the high configuration version and hybrid version, it is also equipped with camera and radar system, which more fully guarantees Volvo's safety on the urban road, and can detect travelers and large objects to a large extent.

5. The new Volvo s60l, equipped with sensus system, displays a variety of applications for navigation, network radio, positioning services and other functions on a 7-inch display screen, while the web browser fully supports Internet access. Sensus connect transforms the vehicle into a powerful infotainment center, enabling drivers to discover new restaurants near their destinations in the vehicle, play their favorite music continuously and enjoy more fun. Volvo on call car steward is a vehicle intelligent multi-functional service system, which uses a pioneering mobile application to enable customers to keep in touch with their Volvo vehicles at any time.

6. All the vehicles manufactured by Volvo always adhere to the principle of safety. In order to fulfill this permanent mission, Volvo not only keeps innovating in the active safety to prevent accidents, but also in the passive safety to reduce the consequences of accidents. Volvo's new s60l uses high-strength boron steel to create a safe and reliable cage structure, combined with a unique design of the engine compartment energy absorption structure, to maximize the integrity of the occupant space; loaded with Volvo's unique whips front row neck protection system and sips side impact protection system, it can properly protect the head and body in case of collision, reduce more than 50% of the damage, and disperse the side The impact force of the impact; the front and rear integrated side air curtains and the double cavity side air bags of the front seats are equipped as standard to protect you and your family.