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What's the matter with acne in menstruation? The cause of acne in menstruation

A lot of women have had this experience, that is, they have acne before their menstruation. Why is this? Why does menstruation always love acne? What is the reason of menstruation acne? Today Xiaobian will show you.

What should I do if I always have acne in my period

During the period of aunt, acne bothers many girls. At this time, I dare not take medicine casually, but acne grows on my face and is very ugly. So what should we do?

1. Nose acne

Menstrual nose long pox, may be stomach fire, want to solve this situation is also very simple, do not touch too oily food, eat light point, let stomach more relaxed.

2. Acne on the forehead

If there is acne in the forehead, a close look will show that these girls are not very good tempered, so we should develop a good habit of early to bed and early to rise, enough sleep, and drink more water.

3. Acne on Chin

A lot of girls will have acne on their chin before coming to their aunt, indicating that there is an endocrine disorder, which will gradually disappear after menstruation.

Causes of acne in menstruation

1. Excessive sebum secretion

Before menstruation, hormones will change, stimulate the ducts of the hair follicle sebaceous gland, and the oil secretion is also particularly strong, thus contributing to the eruption of acne.

2. Oestrogen hyperactivity

During the period before menstruation, the increase of androgen content will lead to the corresponding increase of sebaceous gland activity, which leads to the aggravation of acne.

3. Decrease of luteinizing hormone secretion

One week before menstruation, the secretion of luteinizing hormone will gradually decrease. At this time, the skin is particularly rough and prone to allergy, and of course, it is also prone to acne.

4. Other factors

It's said that women's mood will become abnormally fidgety when they are aunts. Some women's compatriots will also be nervous and anxious. These bad emotions are also one of the reasons for acne.

Do this before menstruation to avoid acne

1. Face cleaning

During the physiological period, the skin will secrete too much garbage and grease. If we want to keep the face clean during menstruation, we need to do the most basic work: clean the face, remove the dirt on the face, prevent the pores from blocking, and reduce the growth of acne during menstruation.

2. Strengthen oil control

Generally speaking, in the week before menstruation, the hormone in the body will start to change, and the skin will become more oil loving. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen oil control. You can use facial cleansers with stronger cleaning power, focusing on cleaning the T area.

3. Skin care steps

For different skin, dry skin needs moisturizing and hydrating. After washing the face, you can use moisturizing essence first, and then use moisturizing cream.

4. Exfoliation

In addition to the basic work of face washing, in the dry season of winter, the skin is easy to dry, and the cutin cleaning work on the face also needs attention. Only in a certain period of time, the face cleaning work can reduce the burden of acne growth.

5. Detoxification and maintenance

Although acne is also a detoxification method, if you don't want your acne to grow continuously, you should take a certain amount of vitamin C and e every day to help you clear the intestines and detoxify.

6. Pay attention to moisturizing

In addition to the need to strengthen the oil control of the skin, moisturizing is an important step to prevent acne during menstruation. After cleaning the face skin, use the moisturizing mask, apply the water emulsion after the application, and then use the cream to strengthen the moisturizing effect when it is dry in winter, which can effectively prevent skin problems.