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Which is better, cotton pajamas or silk pajamas? The difference between cotton pajamas and silk paja

Which is better, cotton pajamas or silk pajamas? The difference between cotton pajamas and silk pajamas cotton pajamas and silk pajamas are the most popular Pajama Fabrics nowadays. Cotton pajamas are affordable and comfortable, with various styles. They are the popular Pajama styles. Silk pajamas are expensive, but they have good health care and skin beautifying functions. They are the choice of many people who pursue quality life. Which pajamas should be chosen? What are cotton pajamas and silk pajamas What's the difference?

Cotton pajamas

As a kind of green environmental protection and ecological Pajama, it has become the comfortable choice of Pajama fabric because of its softness and comfort, moisture absorption and perspiration, easy cleaning, not easy pilling, good warmth preservation, anti-static and warm comfort. And affordable, style diversity, to meet all ages, all levels of consumer demand, favored. So which styles are the most popular? Let's get to know.

Advantages: cotton pajamas have strong hygroscopicity, softness and good air permeability, can reduce the stimulation to the skin, avoid allergy and itching, and are affordable, with various styles, and can meet the needs of all people. However, most of the cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle, shrink, deform and fade, and their appearance is not neat and beautiful.

Suitable season: cotton pajamas have various styles and are suitable for all seasons. However, they are most comfortable in spring and autumn. They are cold proof and breathable. Suitable crowd: pure cotton pajamas have high cost performance and strong style plasticity, which are suitable for different crowd and different price demands.

silk sleepwear

Not only has the good wearing effect, but also has the unique bodybuilding skin and the prevention and treatment disease function. Silk fabric is smooth and soft, which can produce a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorb and help to eliminate sweat and secretion on the skin, and keep the skin clean. Threonine and sericin contained in silk can improve blood circulation, enhance the vitality of epidermal cells and prevent skin aging. Good comfortable experience and health care function are the choice of pursuing quality life.

Advantages: natural moisture absorption and dehumidification. Soft and smooth texture, delicate touch, with unique health care function, contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, can strengthen skin and prevent skin diseases. That is, the price is too expensive to distinguish the true from the false, and it is not easy to take care of, wrinkle and shrink.

Suitable season: wear silk clothing in summer, which can quickly release sweat and heat, with strong air permeability, cool and comfortable. Suitable people: people who pursue the quality of life. And more suitable for the elderly, does not stimulate the skin, can play a health care role on the skin.

A comfortable Pajama can improve our sleep quality and life quality. On the contrary, an unsuitable Pajama will not only not bring us good sleep, but also affect our health as a close fitting clothing that directly contacts our skin. So it's not easy to buy pajamas. Choose the best for yourself.