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2018 temporary ID card processing process what materials are needed for temporary ID card

2018 temporary ID card processing process what materials are needed for temporary ID card Nowadays, real name system is required everywhere in our life. No matter how to buy a car ticket, pay online, open a house and so on, we need to carry ID card in all aspects. If you lose the ID card, you will find that it's troublesome everywhere. Because it takes a while to reissue the ID card, so many people will first apply for a temporary ID card. Let's look at the 2018 temporary ID card processing flow Let's go.

First, ID card and temporary ID card should be handled at the same time. According to the current national policy, to apply for temporary ID card, I need to return to the place where the household registration is located. According to the different requirements of different regions, the procedures I carry when I apply are as follows:

1. I have the original account book;

2. The original price and copy of the ID card of the head of household (the head of household does not need to go, I can take the ID card of the head of household);

3. Original price and copy of real estate certificate;

4. The house number issued by the Housing Authority (take the real estate certificate to the local housing authority to issue);

5. If there is no real estate certificate, a certificate letter (with official seal) can be issued to the local neighborhood committee or village committee.

In order to save time, try to bring all the above procedures

Try to take the above procedures to the household administration section of the police station under the jurisdiction of the household registration in the morning to wait for the number, and tell the police who handle the card that it is the loss of the ID card to supplement the ID card and handle the temporary ID card by the way;

After that, the police will tell you to take a picture in front of the camera (you must wear a dark coat, the light color that Xiaobian was wearing at that time, but you can't take a picture). After taking a picture, you can collect fingerprints on the spot, three times with your right thumb and three times with your left thumb.

Finally, the police will issue an ID card notice and a temporary ID card notice. Generally, the police will go to the household Hall of the local Public Security Bureau in the afternoon or the next day to get the temporary ID card by virtue of the temporary ID card notice. One month later, the police will get the ID card by virtue of the ID card notice. You can find relatives and friends to take it for you as long as there is a notice.

Cost: about 50 yuan for resident ID card and temporary resident ID card

The temporary ID card and the resident ID card have the same legal effect, and there is no problem in accommodation, travel, driving, account opening and other aspects. The small edition is the driving license, driving license, bank card and other documents supplemented by the temporary ID card (Weibo: 8-point original information, no reprint).

If you lost your ID card in other places, some of you only need to inform the conductor's ID card number on the spot, while others need ID card. At this time, you can apply for a temporary ID card used on the same day at the station police station, which is only used on the same day. You must remember the ID card number, tell the police the ID card number, and you can get out the ID card soon without worrying about yourself You can't go home if you lose your card.