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Two of China's top ten best-selling books

Two of the top ten best-selling books in China the 10 best-selling books span several centuries and contain all kinds of literature and languages. The ten best-selling books in the world are Tang & middot; Quixote, Harry Potter, who moved my cheese, etc. China has listed two books. Let's see what they have. You must have seen it.

1. The Bible, which is the most widely distributed book among all literary publications in human history, also has the app or e-book of the Bible in the forefront of Apple's App Store download list, and its readers are incomparable to any famous book at all times and in all countries. At present, there are more than 300 biblical translations in the world, and the total and stanza translations of the Bible have reached nearly 2000 languages and dialects.

2. Chairman Mao's quotations (the Red Book), thanks to the special historical background of that era and the large number of Chinese population, this red booklet has been issued with a total of 5 billion copies with the enthusiasm of the revolution in full swing. When taking photos, hold the red book in front of your chest. This standard action was as natural as drinking water and eating food. It has a profound impact on the growth, development and ideological change of several generations in China.

3. The Koran is the highest classic of Islam. It is believed to be the language of Allah, and it was taught to Muhammad through the archangel Ghibli. For Muslims, the Koran is not only a religious classic, but also the supreme law of human society.

4. Xinhua Dictionary (first edition edited by Wei Jiangong, etc.). Xinhua dictionary was originally designed to standardize modern Chinese and take on the task of eliminating illiteracy. It is still the most influential and authoritative small Chinese dictionary.

5. Don & middot; Quixote (also translated as Don Quixote, don & middot; Quixote, etc.), whose full name is the story of the smart Hall & middot; Quixote of Raman, is a two-part anti knight novel of Spanish writer Cervantes in 1605 and 1615. The first was published in 1605 and the second in 1615. Literary critics call Tang middot Quixote the first modern novel in the history of Western literature and one of the treasures of world literature. Its sales volume contains a long period of data, of course, there is no way to count the data from the 1600's, so despite the news that the book has been published 500 million, no one can give the exact answer.

6. Harry Potter series is a series of magic literature novels written by J. K. Rowling, a British writer, from 1997 to 2007. The first six of them take the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizard as the main stage, describing the protagonist -- the young wizard student Harry & middot; Potter's six years of study and life and adventure story around Hogwarts; the seventh one describes the story of Harry & middot; Potter's searching for the Horcruxes and killing Voldemort in the second witch World War. The book has been sold in more than 200 countries, with a total sales volume of more than 450 million copies.

7. Who moved my cheese? 》It is a book published by CITIC press in September 2001. It is an allegory story written by Spencer & Middleton Johnson, an American writer. Each page is equipped with the comic image of the funny, lovely and distinct personality of the host. Since its publication in September 1998, the book has sold 20 million copies in two years, and quickly ranked first among the best-selling books of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and business week. It has been the top seller of Amazon Bookstore for 78 consecutive weeks, and has been the best seller of China's major media for 128 consecutive weeks, with a total sales volume of about 200 million copies.

8. The tale of two cities is a long historical novel written by Charles Dickens in the background of the French Revolution. It was published in 1859. In the story, Paris and London are linked, and the story revolves around the doctor mamanette family and the San Antonio District headed by the Defarges. The book is a public domain work, which has been published by hundreds of publishers for the past 150 years. It is impossible to determine the exact data of copy sales. The $200 million sale is controversial - but given that the book is one of the required books for students in the United States and other countries, it makes perfect sense.

9. The Lord of the rings series is also translated into Lord of the rings. It is a fantastic novel written by John Middleton Ronald Middleton rier Middleton Tolkien, a British writer, linguist and professor of Oxford University. The book is a sequel to the Hobbit and is recognized as the originator of modern fantasy literature. After 12 years of creation and four years of modification, the ring was published from 1954 to 1955. "The Lord of the rings" mainly tells the story of the end of the third era of the Middle Earth world, when people of all ethnic groups united to fight against the Dark Lord Sauron in order to pursue freedom. At present, there are 38 translations, and the global sales volume reaches 150 million.

10. And then there are we none (published in 1939 under the title of Ten Little Niggers, later changed to ten little Indians). It is a novel written by Agatha & middlet; Christie, a British reasoning novelist, and published in 1939. The book tells of a series of murders on an island. Each death is accompanied by an old nursery rhyme. The seemingly impossible criminal is cleverly explained by the author at the end. The book sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. It has been adapted into many films, plays, comics and game works.