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Where to enjoy Liaoyuan tourism? Top ten most interesting places in Liaoyuan

Where to enjoy Liaoyuan tourism? Top ten most interesting places in Liaoyuan

Sihaiwang: where is Liaoyuan fun? What are the interesting places in Liaoyuan? Located in the south central part of Jilin Province, with rich cultural heritage, Liaoyuan is one of the important birthplaces of the Manchu people. It has a good reputation as the hometown of sika deer, Pipa and farmer painting. Where else is Liaoyuan fun? Today, I'd like to make an inventory of the top ten most interesting and beautiful scenic spots in Liaoyuan.

1. Zhalanfenwei Folk Culture Park

Located in Changbai Mountain and Liaoyuan hancongding National Forest Park, zhalanfenwei folk culture park is developed and constructed by Guandong Shengjing Culture Industry Co., Ltd. with a total area of 150 hectares, a construction area of 15 hectares and a total investment of 116 million yuan. Based on the unique natural, cultural, historical and cultural elements such as Changbai Mountain, Songjiang River water, black land and snow plain, the park is a comprehensive cultural industrial park integrating film and television shooting and distribution, folk ecological tourism and digital film and television technology incubation base, highlighting the characteristics of 'Shengjing paddock, Royal deer garden, Guandong culture and Manchu customs'. It is the film and television base with the most characteristics of folk culture and Jilin in the north of China. It fills in the blank of the film and television base in the historical bridge between the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China and the blank of the National Ice and snow film and television base.

2. Langlu Lake Tourist Resort

Located in the middle of Northeast China, the hinterland of Jizhong city group, between Shenyang and Changchun, and on both sides of Jinzhou Section of Liaochang expressway, it is not only within the radiation range of Changjitu development pilot area, but also the direct radiation area of Liaoyuan urban area. It is a multi-functional eco-tourism resort integrating modern agricultural experience, rural leisure, health care for the aged, national folk culture, outdoor sports and leisure, ecological science education, etc. There are rich natural resources, colorful cultural tourism resources, convenient transportation and superior location conditions, which make the development of modern agriculture, rural leisure, health resort and other tourism products in the resort have natural and potential conditions to become the back garden of Changchun.

3. Jiangcheng Forest Botanical Garden

Jiangcheng Forest Botanical Garden of Jilin Province is located at 246km of National Road 303 of Siping Baishan highway in Dongfeng County, 12km away from Dongfeng County in the West and 9km away from Meihekou city in the East. It is an animal and Botanical Garden integrating tourism, vacation, catering, entertainment and leisure. Entering from the archaize gate of Jiangcheng forest botanical garden, the natural landscape is picturesque and poetic, with green mountains and rivers, red flowers and green grass, pavilions and pavilions, winding paths. There are 3.6 square kilometers of forest land and water surface, 8 hectares of water park, with cruise ships and motorboats; 3 kilometers of Yong road are laid in the forest, with more than 10 suspension bridges, Hongqiao and longlang bridges.

4. Longquan Lake Villa

Longquan Lake Villa is located in group 5, Yongzhi village, Shoushan Town, the southeast of Liaoyuan city. The original ecological vegetation coverage rate is 96%. The air is rich in natural anions, and the natural scenery is beautiful. It's a place with four hidden mountains and huge tortoises. It's the first place to reach the lake. It's quiet and airy, suitable for leisure and health preservation. There are large conference rooms, high-end small meeting halls, hotel rooms and mahjong entertainment rooms that can accommodate nearly 100 people; leisure squares and open-air music restaurants can hold bonfire parties, open-air karaoke concerts and social drinks; fresh fruit picking garden, green vegetable plantation, Longquan Lake fishing ground and real person CS base have endless fun. The villa integrates natural scenery, green ecology and human landscape, and is an ideal home for tourism and leisure, fitness and mountaineering, party celebration, birthday party reunion, training and learning, protocol exchange, leisure and health preservation.

5. Julongtan ecotourism Resort

Julongtan ecotourism resort is located in Dongliao County, Jilin Province, with the geographical coordinates of 125 & deg; E, 42 & deg; 54 & prime; N, 1.5km away from Dongliao county and 11km away from Liaoyuan City, the central city. The location is superior and the traffic is very convenient. The simi railway passes through the county and there are stops. The 303 national road crosses the whole county. Julongtan ecotourism resort is a national AAA level scenic spot. Julongtan reservoir, the main part of Julongtan ecotourism resort, is a comprehensive water conservancy project mainly for flood control and water supply, supplemented by aquaculture and ecotourism. Julongtan reservoir was completed and put into operation on October 1, 2001, with a drainage area of 68 square kilometers and a total storage capacity of 24.14 million cubic meters.

6. Jilin hancongding National Forest Park

Hancongding National Forest Park, located in Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, is located in the south of hada ridge in Changbai Mountains. The landform is a low mountain and hilly area, with mountains overlapping vertically and horizontally, forming a relatively complex mountain and Canyon platform. The middle and upper parts of the mountain range are steep and the lower part is gentle. The highest peak is xiaohancongdingzi, 620 meters above sea level, and the rest 400-600 meters. Abundant forest seasonal landscape is a major feature of the park. It is a sea of flowers, a green paradise and a beautiful fairyland all year round. The total area is 7480 ha. Approved in December 2004. The park has a temperate monsoon climate, with little wind and rain in spring, hot and rainy in summer, cool temperature difference between day and night in autumn and long cold winter.

7. Liaoyuan Museum

Liaoyuan City Museum, located at the south foot of Longshou mountain and the Bank of Dongliao River in the center of Liaoyuan City, was first built on the first and second floors of Kuixing building in Fushou palace, a famous Taoist temple in Guandong in 1897. It was opened to the public on October 18, 2006, and was inscribed by Chi Haotian, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. There are more than 300 historical relics collected in the museum in Liaoyuan City, including nearly 100 cultural relics above the national level III, mainly Neolithic, bronze, Han, Koguryo, Liao, Jin, Ming and Qing historical relics.

8. Julongtan Reservoir Water Conservancy Scenic Spot, Baiquan Town, Dongliao County

Julongtan reservoir ecotourism resort is located in Dongliao County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province. It was founded in 1999 and under the jurisdiction of Dongliao county. It is 14 kilometers away from the center of Liaoyuan city and only 1.5 kilometers away from Baiquan Town, Dongliao county. It is a comprehensive water conservancy project mainly for flood control and water supply, supplemented by aquaculture and tourism. The largest project, shuanglonghui scenic area amusement park and amusement ski resort, with a total investment of 120 million yuan, will fill the gap of winter ice and snow tourism project in Liaoyuan area, provide a new comprehensive, multi-functional and high-grade tourist resort for tourism consumption, and meet the growing tourism needs.

9. Fushou Palace (Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province)

Located at the south foot of Longshou mountain in Liaoyuan City, Fushou palace is one of the largest Taoist temples in Northeast China. The Kuixing building in Liaoyuan, known as the first floor of Xuanmen in China, stands here. Fushou palace was built in 1897, the 23rd year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty. The founder of Fushou palace was Wang Qiquan, the master of Jinshan School of Taoism. The site is located at the south foot of Longshou mountain, with its back to the head of Longshan mountain. The green mountain is verdant. The East Liaohe River at the foot winds eastward and the clear water flows westward. Both mountains and rivers are excellent, and Zhong lingyuxiu. After more than 50 years of construction and expansion by Wang Zuo, a group of traditional palace buildings has been built up, which is composed of five storeys of halls on the mountain before the liberation of Liaoyuan.

10. Yangmu reservoir in Liaoyuan

Yangmu reservoir, also known as Yangmu lake, is located at the source of Liaohe River and upstream of the main stream of the East Liaohe River. It is 14 kilometers away from the city and 80 kilometers away from Changchun. It is the largest reservoir in the city. Yangmu reservoir is one of the drinking water sources in Liaoyuan city. The whole reservoir area has a water surface of 10 square kilometers, a peripheral area of 25 kilometers, surrounded by mountains on both sides, beautiful scenery and good ecological environment. In the past 10 years since its establishment, the reservoir has attracted 500000 tourists, and the tourism industry has a certain foundation.