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Do you know the difference between fragrance and perfume

Do you know the difference between fragrance and perfume in daily life, perfume and fragrance are common. There are differences between fragrance and perfume, which many people may not know. In fact, the differences between fragrance and perfume are mainly in the type of flavor, the intensity, the duration and the occasion of use. Do you know the difference between fragrance and perfume? Learn from Xiaobian. Don't be silly.

First, perfume can be used in different degrees of intensity. In our daily life, we can usually see three types of perfume products: pre flavor, mid flavor and post flavor. On the body of people who use perfume, we can also smell different types of fragrance. Some of them are acceptable to people, and some of them are too strong, which will make people feel a sense of disgust and make people feel bad The reason people give up should be these, but the difference between fragrance and perfume is the elegant fragrance. After use, it can last for several hours, making people more charming in the group.

Second, the general fragrance in summer can last for 4 hours. For women, it can keep a charming feeling in the crowd. However, there are many fragrances in the perfume, so the duration of the fragrance will be longer, which can last for 4-6 hours.

3. Fragrance is suitable for antiperspirant. In fact, it is produced as a antiperspirant. In the market, cosmetics stores and luxury stores can see the existence of this kind of product. The difference between fragrance and perfume is that perfume has no antiperspirant effect, and it will not have a big blocking effect on some of the body's taste in use. After bathing or after sports, it is used Fragrance, will make people instantly become fresh, avoid the influence of sweat on their image.

Four, fragrance has only one flavor, perfume has three flavors. Generally, perfume and fragrance of the same type are similar in flavor. The difference between fragrance and perfume is that the flavor of perfume is special. There are three flavors: front, middle and back. Three flavors can be emitted in the front, middle and back stages, but there is only one flavor. The quality of perfume essential oil is different from that of perfume. The front, middle and back flavors give the best smell experience.

5. Fragrance is stronger than fragrance. The fragrance of perfume is stronger than that of fragrance. Generally, it is the most strong fragrance of perfume, followed by light perfume, then Cologne, and finally fragrance. If you like the feeling of light and elegant fragrance, it is recommended to choose fragrance.

6. The time of maintaining fragrance is short. Generally speaking, fragrance can last for about 4 hours, while perfume, even light perfume, can last for 4-6 hours. One is elegant and charming, while the other is too strong and smoky. Take the perfume of opposite sex as an example. The fragrance of this essential oil perfume lasts ten times longer than that of ordinary perfume.

Seven, perfume is more formal, fragrance is more commonly used. Fragrance and perfume are also used in different occasions. Generally, perfume is often used in some formal occasions, while fragrance is often used to stop perspiration or mask perspiration, which is very suitable for normal occasions or after sports.

In fact, no matter the use of fragrance or perfume, it brings people an intuitive and charming feeling. But the difference between fragrance and perfume is that it has a better effect on antiperspirant, but perfume has no antiperspirant function, so the effect of using fragrance in summer will be better.