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What are the consequences of drug driving? Is drug driving illegal

Everyone is very clear about the drunk driving. If it is caught by the traffic police uncle, the consequences will be very serious. Will it be illegal? What will be the consequences of the drug driving? What kind of drug is the drug driving? Let's understand about the drug driving together.

Is drug driving illegal

The driver's license will not be revoked.

At present, the legal gap is the main reason that the public has not paid enough attention to drug driving. The penalty for drug driving in the United States is very strict. The U.S. law on drunk driving also applies to drug driving. If the police suspect that you are driving under the influence of drugs, they will ask for blood and urine tests. If you refuse the tests, your license will be suspended. In France, according to the degree of influence of drugs on driver's driving ability, it is divided into four grades, and drug manufacturers are required to mark the drug box with different colors to warn the influence of drugs on driving ability. According to the road traffic ordinance 2011, Hong Kong police have the right to require relevant drug observation and inspection if they suspect that the driver's driving is affected by taking drugs or taking drugs. Violators will be sentenced to a maximum of 3 years' imprisonment and a fine of HK $25000. It is also illegal for the driver to refuse to accept the test.

At present, there is no corresponding test method and test standard to determine 'drug driving'. The traffic laws and regulations do not define the 'drug driving' behavior, and there is no specific punishment measures. Therefore, compared with "alcohol driving" and "drug driving", the supervision of "drug driving" is still blank. At the same time, the source told reporters that at present, only drugs such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water can be tested during the alcohol test, but this is not a qualitative violation of traffic laws and regulations. Article 22 of the road traffic safety law of the people's Republic of China stipulates: 'no one who drinks alcohol, takes state-controlled psychoactive drugs or narcotic drugs, suffers from diseases that hinder safe driving of motor vehicles, or suffers from excessive fatigue that affects safe driving shall drive motor vehicles. "The regulation only emphasizes psychotropic drugs and narcotic drugs, and has not yet imposed mandatory restrictions on many other drugs that can lead to driving accidents.

What are the hazards of drug driving

'drug driving', in short, refers to taking some drugs that will affect driving safety, and the adverse reactions of these drugs are the main cause of 'drug driving'!

Most people often neglect the side effects of drugs before taking them. The severity of this phenomenon may not be obvious in daily life, but when it happens in the driving process, its harm is magnified dozens or even hundreds of times.

"Drug driving" is different from "alcohol driving", which often shows obvious external characteristics due to the effect of alcohol. When driving with drugs, the driver will not have obvious abnormal performance after taking drugs. In addition, most people have little knowledge of drug driving, so it is difficult to find and avoid drug driving, which makes drug driving become an invisible killer on the road.

Which side effects of drugs will cause drug driving

Adverse reaction 1: blurred vision

If you drive with impaired vision, you can imagine the serious consequences. The following drugs can cause symptoms such as vision loss, blurred vision or diplopia, etc., which should be taken carefully before driving.

Side effect 2: drowsiness

Many drugs contain central inhibitory components, which make drivers drowsiness, drowsiness, fatigue and other symptoms. For example:

Therefore, driving or alternative drugs should be avoided as much as possible after taking such drugs.

Side effect 3: dizziness or hallucination

The most important thing in driving is concentration. If dizziness or hallucination occurs after taking medicine, it will affect driving safety. The drugs with this adverse reaction mainly include the following categories:

Adverse reaction 4: disorientation

Orienteering refers to people's ability to judge time, place (or orientation) and people, which is also an important ability in the driving process. When the driver's directional force is obstructed, it is likely to cause traffic accidents, so attention should be paid to it.

Adverse reaction 5: polyuria or hyperhidrosis

To some extent, polyuria and hyperhidrosis will also affect the driver's mood and attention, and threaten the driving safety.

Therefore, drivers should pay attention to the use of these drugs, or choose drugs that are not diuretic when reducing blood pressure.

In addition, the driver should also pay attention to the adverse reactions caused by the improper way of taking medicine, strictly abide by the way of taking medicine, do not separate or chew the whole pill, and follow the doctor's instructions. In addition, although health care products are not drugs, some can also cause 'drug driving'. Please consult your doctor before driving.