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How to set the computer to switch on and off automatically

Because of the reasons of work and time, we need to set the computer to turn on and off automatically, which will bring us convenience, so how to set it? The following editor will tell you how to set the switch, let's have a look.

Computer timing boot settings

The function of timing power on needs to be set in BIOS, and the advanced setting of your motherboard must support the function of power management. Now most motherboards have already supported it. Here are the detailed steps:

1. Enter BIOS. Generally, press Delete when the main board screen appears after power on. If you can't press Delete, you can try F2. If you can't press F2, you need to carefully observe the information displayed on the first screen of power on, which usually has prompts!

2. Select power management setup through the arrow on the keyboard to enter the power management setup, as shown in the following figure:

3. Enter this setting through enter, and then press up and down to select wake up event setup, as shown below:

4. Press enter to enter the following interface:

5. Continue to find resume by RTC alarm in this interface by pressing up and down key. Press enter to enter the following interface:

6. Press enter to change disabled to enabled, and then continue to press enter to confirm, and then continue to set the time point and date, as shown in the following figure:

7. If you need to start the machine at a fixed time every day, select every day. If you want to start the machine at 6:45 every day, enter 06:15:00 through the number key, and finally press F10 to save it. It will take effect after restarting the computer.

Computer timed shutdown settings

There are a lot of software can be realized on the computer timing shutdown network, but today we teach you how to realize timing shutdown without software.

1. First press win (the key next to CTRL) + R to open the operation dialog box, as shown below:

2. Enter CMD in the input box and press enter to enter the following window:

3. Then input at [shutdown time] shutdown - S - t 0

For example: at 23:30 shutdown - S - t 0, so the input indicates that the computer will shut down at 23:30

After input, press enter to add a job, which means the job is added successfully. The computer will shut down at the time you set.

If you want to cancel the shutdown, you can use the ID number / delete above at.