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Does honey wash a face have a method? Does honey wash a face have any advantage

Does honey wash a face have a method? Does honey wash a face have any advantage

Sihaiwang: honey has the function of moistening and sterilizing. It is used to wash the face and has four functions of making the skin bright and clean, delicate, freckle removing and moisturizing. Research has proved that honey can accelerate the metabolism of our skin, enhance the antibacterial power and vitality of the skin, effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, prevent the dry skin, make our skin more white, tender and smooth, at the same time, prevent acne and eliminate wrinkles, etc., and play the role of beauty and skin care. Honey's face washing methods and benefits come with the small make-up to have a look.

The benefits of honey washing face

1. Clean the skin. Washing face with honey can play the role of sterilization and detoxification. The most important thing is that washing your face with honey can also reduce your pores. Therefore, people with coarse pores can often wash their faces with honey water.

2. Honey can resist decay and drying. Honey contains a large number of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and sugars that can be received by the human body. It can not only promote the healing of skin wounds, but also anti-aging and prevent dry skin. So it's the best choice to wash your face with honey in cold winter.

3. Moisturize the skin. For people with dry skin, 2-3 drops of honey should be dripped into the water when washing their face, and the whole face should be moistened in the process of washing and then gently pat, massage the face for a few minutes, and long-term adherence can make the skin smooth and tender. Xiaobian here reminds you that people with oily skin are not suitable for honey washing.

4. Prevent wrinkles and skin allergy. Wash your face with honey, stick to it for more than 1 week, it will be clear that your face becomes white, tender, natural, ruddy and shiny, and wash your face with honey water can also reduce wrinkles. After use, the skin does not feel tight, and the effect is significant. Honey face washing is also very effective for allergic and dry skin.

5. Beauty. There are many advantages of honey face washing. Regular use of honey face washing can make the skin tender and firm, and has many effects such as freckle removing and moisturizing. In addition, honey also has the effect of acne, honey can wash face, make mask, also can be taken internally. Drinking two cups of honey water every day can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, and eliminate toxins deposited in the body in time. So as to have the effect of beauty and beauty.

The washing method of honey washing face

1. Wash the face with warm water each time, then pour some honey into the palm, and rub the palms together.

2. Then massage the face upward and outward with both hands.

3. Massage the crow's feet with both hands.

4. Vertical massage for forehead lifting.

5. Circular massage shall be performed on both sides of the nose and the edge of the nose.

6. Massage the neck from bottom to top and the ears from both sides.

7. The mouth should be massaged with eight characters or inverted eight characters around.

8. After massage, clean it with warm water, and finally put on nutrition skin care products.