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Must wisdom teeth be pulled out? What kind of wisdom teeth must be pulled out

Must wisdom teeth be pulled out? What kind of wisdom teeth must be pulled out wisdom teeth are the first teeth in our alveolar bone, four in all. Generally, these four teeth appear around the age of 20. People in this period begin to grow up and mature, so they are also a symbol of the arrival of wisdom, so they are also called wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth are neat and have little impact on your daily life, you don't have to pull them out. But in life, many people have wisdom teeth. Because wisdom teeth lie in the last part of our mouth, it is not easy to clean them. Some food residues left in this place will slowly accumulate, which has become a hotbed of many bacteria. Finally, there will be tooth decay or wisdom tooth pain symptoms. So what kind of wisdom teeth must be pulled out?

1. Incomplete wisdom teeth

Incomplete wisdom teeth are easy to cause periodontitis. It is suggested to pull them out. Long pain is better than short pain;

2. Wisdom teeth with caries

If wisdom teeth have cavities, in addition to a very simple occlusal surface not deep cavities can be filled. Those adjacent cavities need good technology, deep cavities and even root canal treatment. It is recommended to remove them;

3. Forward leaning wisdom teeth

That is to say, wisdom teeth are located on the second molars at a 45 degree angle. If this kind of wisdom tooth is not pulled out, it is easy to cause adjacent tooth disease. If it is serious, it is necessary to pull out wisdom tooth and second molar, which will seriously affect our masticatory function;

4. Wisdom teeth arranged too tightly

If the growth space of wisdom teeth is insufficient, and other teeth are arranged too tightly, there will be more serious gum swelling, tooth pain and other diseases. In order to avoid this kind of situation happening again, it is suggested to remove it as soon as possible after the inflammation subsides;

5. Wisdom teeth that are not easy to clean

Because wisdom teeth are at the innermost, it is difficult to clean them, so even if they are at the right position, they are prone to cavities. In order to avoid involving other teeth, it is suggested to remove wisdom teeth as early as possible;

6. No biting wisdom teeth

If there is no opposite wisdom teeth to bite, excessive eruption of wisdom teeth will affect the occlusion, resulting in swelling and pain of the opposite gums. And for a long time, it may also cause large and small faces.

The most simple and direct way is to consult a doctor in a professional dental hospital. In order to keep our teeth healthy, we should protect our teeth more often.