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Can I drink coke after vigorous exercise in summer?

Many people like to drink a cold coke to quench their thirst after playing basketball or strenuous sports. The seemingly unrestrained and happy behavior actually involves betting on their own health. Can they drink coke after sports? What harm does drinking coke do to the body after sports?

Coke contains a certain amount of caffeine, which has a certain diuretic and dehydrating effect, and the body will sweat after a lot of exercise, which leads to a large number of electrolytes leaving the body. If you choose to drink with coke containing caffeine at this time, it will increase the loss of water and nutrients in the body, which is not conducive to health. In addition, coke contains a certain amount of carbonic acid gas, which will cause the patient's stomach to swell and feel uncomfortable, and it is very easy to burp. Finally, caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system of our body. Drinking it after exercise is not conducive to the recovery of work after exercise.

It is recommended not to drink coke directly after exercise. If you want to supplement water, you can drink boiled water or sports drinks directly. It is better to choose some drinks containing sugar and electrolyte, so as to better protect your health. Half an hour before exercise, it's better to add some sports drinks, which can effectively improve the body fluid and glycogen storage; in the process of exercise, it's better to take the principle of several times and a small amount of water supplement, about every 20 minutes. After exercise, you should add more water, electrolytes and sugar, so as to make up for the lost substances.

It's better not to drink coke half an hour after exercise

When you finish strenuous exercise, you will feel the muscles of the whole body, especially the muscles of the waist and legs are exhausted. Even at this time, you will be hungry and thirsty. For many people, it is a supreme enjoyment to be able to drink a cold coke at this time. But do you know that although drinking coke at this time can get a temporary comfort, it is not conducive to the health of the body.

In general, coke contains more caffeine, carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid and so on. If the human body takes a lot of drugs containing caffeine after exercise, it will lead to a state of high excitement. Although it can temporarily improve the performance of sports, but for the physical injury of athletes is very big. At present, the World Anti Doping organization has said that any drug or drink containing caffeine will be banned from drinking at the time of competition, including coke. Although Cola contains less caffeine, it's not obvious for ordinary people to get excited after taking it. But coke also contains carbon dioxide and phosphoric acid, which determines that coke is not suitable for taking after and before exercise.

Especially taking coke before exercise may lead to flatulence, even stomach pain and so on. After the end of exercise, the body will appear fatigue and softness. This is because when we exercise, the body produces acid substances. The accumulation of acid substances in the body will lead to fatigue. At this time, if you drink some coke containing phosphoric acid, the acid in your body will be more, your muscles will be more weak, and your body's acid-base balance will not be well neutralized, so your fatigue will increase.

So experts suggest that it's best not to drink coke for half an hour before and after exercise. In addition, the human body will lose a lot of electrolytes during exercise, so in order to improve the health of the body, we can supplement some alkaline substances with electrolytes after exercise, which can not only supplement the substances needed by the body, but also play a good role in relieving fatigue.