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How to pronounce the X in iPhone x

How to pronounce the X in iPhone x

Four seas: iPhone X has been on sale for a while. The way to read this iPhone is the most in the history of iPhone. In China, there are people who read "fork", people who read "ten" and people who read the English letter "X". So how to read iPhone x? What does x mean? Let's have a look.

How to pronounce the X in iPhone x

Because the number x in Rome means 10, which is the 10th Anniversary Edition.

The iPhone X has 3gb memory, 12 megapixel rear vertical dual camera, and supports 4K 60fps, 1080p 240fps video capture. The front 7 megapixel camera supports 1080p 30fps video shooting. In addition, the front infrared camera has a resolution of 1312x1104.

The iPhone x will also bring a new portrait lighting function (Portrait Lighting), which supports a variety of lighting modes such as outline light, stage light, natural light, studio light and so on. The portraits taken will be more beautiful and moving.

Why does iPhone x read ten?

IPhone x is read as iPhone ten, where x = 10.

When you tell your friends the news today, don't say that the new iPhone 'x' is coming out, then you will lose face. Editor told you: the correct way to read iPhone x is' iPhone ten, yes, ten.

Note that the X here is not an English letter, but a Greek number. As shown in the figure below, look at the position of ten o'clock.