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Is the legal age of marriage reduced to 18? Why don't young people want to get married now

Is the legal age of marriage reduced to 18? Why don't young people want to get married now at the national two sessions in 2018, Huang Xihua, Deputy Secretary General of Huizhou Municipal government, will once again propose to amend Article 6 of the marriage law to set the legal minimum age of marriage for men and women as 18. This news attracted many netizens' hot discussion. Friends who have seen the American drama "the big bang of life" must remember that in it, Sheldon expressed his confusion about marriage at his friend's wedding: 'I have been unable to understand that people spend their whole life searching for another human being and spending their whole life together. Maybe I am too interesting to be accompanied by others. 'this sentence can really explain why more and more young people are reluctant to get married.

Nowadays, people's enthusiasm and enthusiasm for marriage are not as high as they used to be. There is a phenomenon: "they all have a negative attitude towards marriage". As for why the attitude towards marriage is becoming more and more negative, I think there are several reasons.

Change of ideas and advocate free life

Nowadays people don't want to get married, which is closely related to the progress of society, and also has a direct impact on the change of personal thoughts and ideas. Now people advocate free and unrestrained life. After all, once a person gets married, it's the thought of two people and two big families. If they want to have their own thoughts and independent space, many people become such a life state mode just because they are afraid of getting married. Therefore, their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for marriage are not very high, and they even deliberately avoid it.

I feel that I don't need anyone after I have gone through all the sufferings alone.

When suffering, I have survived alone, and I don't want to be bothered by others even after everything has been successful. It's not that I don't want to let others have a share, but I've experienced all kinds of storms, and that person just hasn't appeared yet. Why bother my good life in order to make do with it.

It's becoming more and more clear what kind of partner you want, and it's hard for that person to meet

Because I know what I want, so the rest is to make do with it, and I just don't want to make do with it. The older you are, the more you know what you like. Compared with irresponsible love when you were a child, you want to protect a love in your mind.