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Is Tangyuan delicious when fried? What are the methods of fried Tangyuan

Is Tangyuan delicious when fried? What are the methods of fried Tangyuan speaking of Tangyuan, there is a common custom of eating Tangyuan on New Year's day. There are many ways to eat tangyuan. Tangyuan is made of glutinous rice. People usually eat it by boiling it. In fact, tangyuan can also be fried. Today, Xiaobian is going to teach you some ways to fry dumplings.

Fried glutinous rice balls

Materials: 500g glutinous rice flour, 100g raw peanuts, 50g black sesame seeds, proper amount of white sugar (do not put sugar if family has diabetes), and proper amount of edible oil.

How to do it: heat the dry pot and stir fry the sesame in a small heat. Keep stirring to prevent it from being burnt. Stir it slowly and smell the sesame fragrance. Put the fried sesame seeds together and then fry the peanuts. In the same way, stir continuously until the smell of the roasted sesame seeds becomes red or even peels off. The safest way is to taste one and know it is not ripe. Stir fry until almost the time can be flamed out, with the remaining temperature of the pot to continue to bake peanuts, more fragrant. After the peanuts are not hot, rub them off one by one with your fingers, and blow hard at a large number of peanuts. The peanuts are flying all over the sky like a girl scattering flowers. At last, there are clean white peanuts left. Grind the fried black sesame seeds and peanuts with a juicer, paste them, and set aside. Add some water to glutinous rice flour and knead it into dough. Pull a small dough from the dough and rub it into a circle. Then press a small nest with your fingers to keep it as stuffing. Put in the peanut and sesame stuffing, gently squeeze the seal, and then knead. (sprinkle dried glutinous rice flour on a large plate, put the kneaded glutinous rice balls together first, and cook them after all are done). When they are cooked, put the oil in the dry pot to heat, and slowly put the cooked glutinous rice balls in. Fry until the surface expands and turns golden yellow. Drain the oil and sprinkle the black sesame lake on the surface.

Fried glutinous rice balls

Materials: 100g glutinous rice flour, 70g boiled water, a little sugar powder.

Method: pour the glutinous rice flour into the container. Pour in some boiling water. Knead the dough and wake up for a while. Then it is divided into about 10 grams of small dosage. Then round each small dosage. Then prick a few small eyes with toothpicks on each dumpling. Fry in the oil pan and sprinkle with sugar powder.

Fried glutinous rice balls

Materials: a box of glutinous rice balls, a proper amount of flour, a proper amount of peanut powder.

Method: do not need to defrost the dumpling, add the boiled water, turn the water to a small fire after rolling, and then fish out the supercooled water when the dumpling floats. Start the oil pan, roll the glutinous rice balls in practice 1 with a layer of flour, put them into the oil pan, turn them carefully, fry them for about 2 minutes until the surface is golden yellow, and then fish them up. Drain the oil from the dumplings in practice 2, roll on a layer of peanut powder or coconut powder (fresh meat dumplings can be eaten with seaweed powder).

Fried glutinous rice balls

Materials: 250g glutinous rice powder, 130 ㏄ water, proper amount of peanut powder, 500 ㏄ salad oil.

Method: add the moisture into the glutinous rice flour for several times and stir evenly. Knead the glutinous rice dough with smooth surface and non sticky hands by hand, and then knead it into small glutinous rice balls of the same size for standby. In a hot pot, heat the salad oil to 150 ℃ in medium heat, slowly put in the small dumpling made in practice 1, fry until the surface expands, remove and drain the oil, and sprinkle with peanut powder.