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How to remedy the mistakes in the interview

How to remedy the mistakes in the interview in addition to the performance of the postgraduate entrance examination, the interview also tests the ability of people's on-the-spot performance. Many people inevitably make mistakes due to the tense or fierce competition during the interview. Sometimes they miss a suitable job. Is there any way to remedy the mistakes during the interview? How to remedy it? Let's have a look.

How to remedy the mistakes in the interview?

Turn mistakes into positives.

If the examinee can make a reasonable explanation for his mistakes, as long as he can justify himself, there is no missing remedy. For example, in the answer to the understanding of the phenomenon of college students selling pork as nanny, we originally wanted to focus on the change of College Students' employment concept, the change of employment environment, the increase of employment pressure, etc., but when we answer, we say it is a waste of talents. I think it's wrong, and the candidates don't need to be nervous, so we should focus on the waste of talents, and take other viewpoints as one General discussion, self justification, the effect is not bad.

Correct the mistakes with the right.

When you realize that you have made a mistake, you should correct it honestly, and don't ignore it for the sake of face. The best way is to say it again in the right way. As long as they are corrected naturally, they will be understood by the examiners.

Continue to make mistakes.

When answering questions, if you say something wrong, sometimes you can adjust the meaning, change the tone and other ways to remedy it. As long as the response is quick and the response is timely, the error correction effect can be achieved without any trace. For example, after listing a series of corruption phenomena, the examinee wants to say 'we will never allow this phenomenon to exist', and the result is' we allow this phenomenon to exist '. At this time, if you directly admit that you have said something wrong and say it correctly again, the effect is not good. In this case, it is the best choice to continue to make mistakes. Candidates can then 'we allow this phenomenon to exist' and 'it is a crime against the people'. This kind of continuous remedy can be described as a matter of course.

In the tense interview process, it is not easy to correct mistakes, which requires candidates to try not to make mistakes. If you don't make mistakes or make fewer mistakes, you should be prepared for the exam. It is necessary to take part in intensive training before the examination. Under the guidance of experts, we can improve ourselves in an all-round way, and make fewer mistakes in the interview. Even if we make mistakes, we can correct them in time and deal with them calmly.