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It's so awesome. It's so awesome. It's 1000 words

The movie "fierce, our country" has been released for half a month and has been praised by all sectors of the society. All these years, our country has been proud of its strength. After watching the movie, we have mixed feelings. Only with the strength of the great motherland can we have a happy life. Let's share a look at "awesome, my country". Let's have a look!

It's so powerful that I have 1000 words of impressions

The movie market in March is still exciting. "Action in the Red Sea", "Chinatown detective 2" and other films released during the Spring Festival have not been less popular, and American films such as "three billboards" and "money world" have been released one after another. The documentary "fierce, our country", which reflects the brilliant achievements made since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, has brought enough surprises to the audience in the film market with a large number of films.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has made good achievements in various fields. The j-20 airborne parallel installation force; the largest radio telescope fast in human history has been put into use; the world's largest offshore drilling platform, blue whale 2, has been launched into the sea; the first domestic aircraft carrier has been built, and the second and third domestic aircraft carriers have been successively started to be built; the high-speed railway of Fuxing has been innovated again; the growth rate of GDP ranks first in the world.

The total mileage of expressway network ranks first in the world; the total number of screens in China ranks first in the world; the world's largest basic medical insurance network has been built; super projects such as China bridge, China Road, China car, China port and China net have amazed the world and so on.

In the face of these achievements that are envied by foreigners, we will launch a heartfelt admiration: 'fierce, China!' this documentary starts from these brilliant achievements and tells about the amazing changes in China over the past five years, as well as the great changes in the lives of ordinary people.

With the world situation changing day by day, China's socialist cause is also steadily moving forward. "One belt and one road" links the common development of countries along the Silk Road, and also enables China's economy to go out of the country, not only to the west, but also to the south, winning praise from neighboring countries.

The proposal of the "community of shared future of mankind" closely connects the destiny of mankind in the world. China will share the same breath and destiny with other countries in the world. With the progress and development, China is more and more recognized by other countries in the world. More and more foreigners are willing to understand China and recognize China. Therefore, the emergence of "fierce, China" can be described as a timely rain in the form of literature and art It's a good way to reflect China's face, tell about China's changes in lens language, show China's hard power and develop China's soft power.

"Fierce, our country" is the general theme film of "action in the Red Sea". However, the latter is in the form of war, while the former is in the form of documentary. With the development of China's film market, the theme film is more and more popular with the audience. Last year, wolf 2, directed and performed by Wu Jing, a famous Chinese actor, topped the box office of China's films with 5.683 billion yuan. In February this year, action in the Red Sea, directed by Lin Chaoxian, a famous Hong Kong director, killed a black horse in the fierce competition of the spring Festival and won both good reputation in the ticket room. Now, the box office is moving towards 3 billion yuan, ranking No. 1 in the box office of China's films Four.

These two films are just based on the popularity accumulation of the first one and the fermentation of good reputation. Before that, Wu Jing's "war wolf" and Lin Chaoxian's "Mekong action" have achieved good box office and reputation. The rest of the main theme films, such as the founding of the people's Republic of China, the founding of the party, the founding of the army, and the wise taking of Weihushan, have exploded the film market in China at different levels.

Where do these brilliant achievements come from? Where do people's sense of gain and happiness come from? The answer is self-evident. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the people of all ethnic groups in the country have strived hard and really worked hard. Our country is not only our country, but also our party and our country People.