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New year's Eve dinner is cancelled in the Forbidden City, but fast food is normally supplied during

Recently, many customers received a text message from the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City saying that the previously scheduled 6688 yuan new year's Eve dinner was cancelled. According to media reports, Chen Wenqiang, the person in charge of the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City, informed that all big meals had been cancelled and returned the 2000 yuan deposit.

Jiaolou restaurant is opened by the National Palace Museum and located outside the Shenwu gate of the National Palace. It opened for the first time during the Spring Festival in 2019 and provides all kinds of simple meals during the day; In the evening, the special hot pot of the Forbidden City was provided in combination with the characteristics of the cold weather in winter. The 'my hot pot' was once very famous, but the high price also triggered the dispute over the over commercialization of the Forbidden City, resulting in the suspension of the supply of hot pot in March 2019.

It was previously reported that during the Spring Festival in 2020, the corner tower restaurant of the Forbidden City will launch new year's Eve dinner. It is expected that there will be only three tables a day from childhood to the 15th of the first month. The new year's Eve dinner will be sold out overnight.

The reporter learned from the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City that its new year's Eve dinner is set according to the standard of ten people per table and charging 6688 yuan. For each additional person, an additional 680 yuan will be charged, with a maximum of 12 people per table. At present, all reservations have been made before the Lantern Festival. Consumers who still want to make a reservation can only call 'registration' first. After the restaurant counts the number of reservations later, if it can be scheduled, it will call back to determine the specific reservation time. If the reservation is successful, a specially assigned person will provide one-to-one service to determine the specific menu. During the Spring Festival, the restaurant is open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at night, and there is no limit on the time of new year's Eve dinner.

At present, the public comment page of the corner tower restaurant of the Forbidden City shows that it is' closed '. According to the public comment website, the per capita consumption price of the restaurant is 173 yuan. The restaurant serves hot pot, fried sauce noodles, duck rolls and other food.

Some media called the staff, and the response was: the new year's Eve dinner was indeed cancelled, but during the Spring Festival, fast food was supplied normally during the day, so you can go directly to the store without making an appointment.

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