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How much is the ticket price of Shanghai Disneyland? 2017 Disney one day tour

Ode to joy 2: is the beautiful picture of Ju'er and Xie Tong kissing in Shanghai Disneyland exciting to you, and do you want to be involved in the scene of two people enjoying themselves in Disney? So Xiaobian has compiled the 2017 Shanghai Disneyland tourism strategy for you. Don't miss it if you want to play!

Disney ticket price

The ticket price is 370 yuan on weekdays and 499 yuan on peak days, which is applicable to holidays, weekends and summer holidays.

Shanghai Disneyland offers day tickets and peak day tickets. The ticket price is 370 yuan on weekdays and 499 yuan on peak days. The ticket price for the grand opening period (June 16-30, 2016) is 499 yuan. Children, the elderly and disabled tourists can enjoy a 25% discount on tickets. Free admission for infants and young children. You can enjoy a 25% discount on the total price for two-day coupons.

I. precautions for entering the park

1. As long as the packaged food and drink can be brought into the park! Remember that the package is complete! The food in the park is more expensive, and some items without FP need to line up, and a little dry food can supplement physical strength.

2. Small cutting tools, large tripod, selfie bar, stool and folding chair are not allowed to be brought into the park.

3. You can bring an empty water cup. There is a free drinking place outside the restroom in the park. You can take it yourself! It's very convenient!

4. Provide a large number of baby carriages for free use! Moms can save some energy~

5. Be prepared for sun protection! Don't think autumn will be OK, just at this time, the UV is stronger.

6. For those who buy tickets with ID card, all the people in the same industry should enter the park at the same time. One ID card can buy five tickets.

7. Keep the tickets and use them when you pick up the FP. (FP is the fast pass, which will greatly reduce the time of queuing and playing, but it is very popular. It will be distributed around 3pm every day, not every project, which will be described in detail below.)

8. Download these two apps in advance, which is very practical!

2. What you need to know to get FP!

Some projects in the park can be claimed with FP, which can save time, but it is not entirely without queuing, or the queuing time can be reduced by at least half. Let's take a look at the items that can be claimed for FP: speed light wheel, horizon leap, Buzz Lightyear interstellar rescue, seven dwarfs mine cars, flying man's adventure in the sky, Thunder Mountain rafting, Winnie the Pooh Adventure. Adults are the most recommended and popular: flying over the horizon, setting up the speed light wheel, and drifting in Thunder Mountain.

Only one FP can be collected at a time, and the collection time of the next FP will be displayed on the ticket. As long as you arrange the time, it's OK to collect these FP projects within one day. It's not online rumor that you can get three of them.

Attention! FP only has time limit, no quantity limit! As long as it's not finished, take some, and don't waste any chance not to queue up to play the project. As soon as the collection time is up, it will appear at the next FP collection point as soon as possible. It will not waste time, but also strive for time for the next FP.

Third, the value of the ticket back to the project recommendation!

5 stars: set up the speed light wheel, cross the horizon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain rafting, ice and snow Qiyuan theater, flower car tour, fireworks show (as long as you play these, it's worth the ticket price)

Four stars: Flying hero, Buzz Lightyear, the adventures of Winnie the Pooh, seven dwarfs mining car, golden fairy tale performance, explorers' canoe in the Pirates of the Caribbean Theater

Items suitable for parents to play with children: Flying Elephant, merry go round, honey pot, crystal color adventure, Alice in Wonderland maze, fairy tale castle, white fitness square (also suitable for girls with pink hearts ~)

IV. introduction to the project

Speed wheel

Save your bags quickly and you can save them for 3 hours free. There are so many Disneyland parks in the world. Shanghai is the exclusive and the most technological and futuristic amusement project! It's highly recommended! The perfect combination of light and shadow and speed is very cool! In fact, the height drop is not so terrible. Like weightlessness' self abuse 'baby must try the first row! And the staff said that want to sit in the first row, generally can. The mobile phone is portable. There is a small storage box on the car with the speed of light flywheel, which can hold glasses and mobile phones. But carry on bags are stored in lockers.

Pirates of the Caribbean

This project's screen surround effect and the real setting of the movie are amazing! It's said that the cost is several hundred million! When the wreck floats from the bottom of the sea to the surface of the water, the music is super hot! The atmosphere is so hot, I think Disney is so good at performing stories, no wonder pirates in the Caribbean want to play a series! It's also a global exclusive project! It's not inferior to Disney in California, USA! After watching, I think Go home and review the movie!

Float parade

The float tour is Disney's trump card reservation project. It's a must see! There are two tournaments every day, 12:00 at noon and 3:30 in the afternoon. One is about 20 minutes. You like the role, there are ~ excellent atmosphere here!

Ice and snow Qiyuan Theater

Located in the dream world, "ice and snow", the movie IP, 20 minutes of performance, lighting effects and interaction are wonderful, the stage design is gorgeous, the theater is super large, and can seat more than 1000 people. The design of interaction is also in place. When the music of let it go in Chinese is playing, it's very exciting.