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How to find wechat group chat

How to find wechat group chat when you clear all wechat chat records, you will find that wechat group disappears without any reason. No matter where I look, there is no trace of chatting in wechat group. So, where is wechat group? How to find it? Let's take a look at this tutorial!

Most of the time, wechat has been a long time, and there are a lot of interlocutors. When cleaning up, sometimes you will delete the group by mistake, and then you can't find the entrance of the group, so how can you find the way to delete wechat group chat? Let's have a look.

Where can I find wechat group?

If you think this wechat group is good, it is recommended to click "save to address book" in "detailed settings", so that you can still find this group in the address book even if you clear the chat record of this wechat group in the future.

Wechat group is not the same as QQ group, because QQ group has a fixed number, but wechat group does not. If you don't save in the address book, close or exit the group. Unfortunately, you can't find it now. You can only add it when someone in the group starts chatting again. You can also directly find the person who initiated the group and ask him to add you back.

Of course, you can also create a wechat group by yourself. Click the button in the upper right corner of wechat, select Start chat from the drop-down list, and then check the friends who need to join the group, and click OK to create a group.