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What are the adjustments of five insurances and one fund in 2018? What is the impact of the changes

There are three changes in five insurances and one fund in 2018. What impact will these adjustments have on us? Let's take a look.

What are the new changes of five insurances and one gold?

We all know what the contents of five insurances and one fund will contain. In this way, I will explain the situation carefully, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, and housing fund. There are new changes in five risks and one gold.

① medical insurance: there are 8499 cross provincial designated medical institutions in China, and the scope of direct settlement for medical treatment in different places continues to expand;

② endowment insurance: the first step of national overall planning is to implement the central adjustment system of basic endowment insurance fund;

③ housing fund: the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other four departments jointly issue documents, and it will be easier for housing fund loans to buy houses.

Does this change have a big impact on you?

Those companies that don't provide insurance can sue the company with the employment contract if you have signed a formal employment contract with the company, and they will win the lawsuit basically. Please take up the legal weapons to protect your legitimate rights and interests, rather than complaining in such places as Weibo. China's labor protection law has been relatively perfect.

Most of the private enterprises in small cities that don't sign contracts and don't pay insurance are, you either have the ability to pass the examination of civil servants, or you can only live in private enterprises for a day.

Buying a house is almost fooled by a combination loan. The bank says that if you can't approve the accumulation fund for one year, you will have no money to repay the loan. Almost, at the end of the day, I still stick to the provident fund. Three months later. A month is not enough.

It is strongly recommended that provident fund loan be used in other places. Migrant workers can't afford to buy houses in other places. They can't use provident fund loan if they want to buy a house in their hometown.

Now the maximum loan balance of provident fund is 15 times. In the past few years, it was encouraged to withdraw. After the reform policy was put forward, it was a rip off. How many years can the working class save to use? How can the state policy not regulate and control it?

Our company pays a lot of five insurances and one gold. We have a good relationship with the government, but the money we actually take is too little. After paying the rent, we pay all kinds of fees, and spend a little money on the moon.

If the pension is paid, will the company give a small book after resigning? And the book of medical insurance. When I quit, I asked to work for more than half a year. Now I haven't got these two books, and I quit.