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Alipay set five FU activities rule new play Alipay set five Fu family points how to get

In January 13th, Alipay set up the five blessing activities officially opened. In this year's five blessing activities, we added family portrait, and how to get family points. Let's look at the specific conditions and rules of family integration.

1、 Conditions for obtaining family points

1, Alipay's individual users have created or joined a family.

2. The number of members in the family shall not be less than 2; You can view the basic information of family members on my home page;

3. All members of the family have completed real name certification.

2、 Family points acquisition rules

1, family members use Alipay payment at home and abroad to pay for their purchases, and the first paid amount of not less than 2 yuan per day can receive 5 family points.

2. From September 6, 2019, each family member will log in to 'my home' for the first time every day, and then log in to receive one family point;

3. Family members can also obtain family points by completing some time limited tasks. Specific tasks can be understood on the relevant pages of 'earn points';

4. Each family can get up to 10000 family points per month;

5. The family points to be received by family members can only be received by the family members within 72 hours after the points are generated. If they fail to receive them within the time limit, the family points will be invalid. In order to help family members receive points in time and avoid the invalidation of family points, when family members have points to receive, other family members can send reminders to the family members according to the prompts.

3、 Return and use conditions of family points

1. All members of the family can use the family points to exchange the specified benefits (goods / services) in accordance with the points exchange rules, and each family member recognizes that the family points user can receive the benefits. Some rights and interests may set specific exchange restrictions for families. Please refer to the tips on the description page of rights and interests rules for the specific contents and exchange restrictions of rights and interests. Family points cannot be refunded once used.

2. Family members can view the acquisition and use records of family points, exchange records of interests and other information.

3. No matter whether the family member is still in the current family or not, when the transaction is refunded (including partial refund), after the refund is successful, the points received will be deducted, and the corresponding times and monthly limit will be released. If points are not obtained due to exceeding the number of times or monthly limit before the limit is released, they will not be reissued after the limit is released. If the user obtains family points in violation of regulations (including but not limited to false transactions, letter speculation, malicious refund, order splitting and cash out), the qualification of the family member to obtain family points may be cancelled.

4. Please understand that family Points depend on the family. If the family is cancelled by its administrator, the family points in the family will also be cleared and cannot be recovered; If family members voluntarily withdraw from the current family, the family points obtained cannot be taken away and will continue to be retained in the current family.

5. The validity period of family points is 1 year after the user receives them;

6, family points and Alipay membership points belong to different independent services. If family members turn off their Alipay membership service, they will not affect their family scores.

7. The points rules will be dynamically adjusted according to the actual situation of operation. Family members can check the latest version on the 'my home - points rules' page at any time. If the updated content involves the main rights or responsibilities of family members, we will timely notify them in appropriate ways such as announcement, client notification, SMS or activity page announcement.

Collection of five points family integration view: open Alipay APP-- home page set five FU activities entrance - my home - left top corner 'family integral', click to see the specific cumulative points.