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What should thailand tourism pay attention to

Thailand's tourism has been very popular in recent years. It's not only the customs presented in TV plays and movies, but also the mysterious attraction of foreign customs. Then you are going to travel to Thailand. Please take a look at the following precautions.

First, you should pay attention to the entry and exit of Thailand. Before arriving at the airport, fill in the customs statement, and the amount of foreign currency declared to be brought into the country shall not be higher than THB 50000, otherwise the excess money may be arrested, prosecuted or confiscated. According to Thailand's relevant regulations, the number of allowed entry duty-free is: one kilogram of wine, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco, 200 grams of cigarettes and 5 rolls of film film film. In addition, all kinds of meat, plants, vegetables, etc. are forbidden to enter the country. Tourists can buy a kilo of wine, a camera, a camera and personal jewelry at duty-free shops. Pirated works shall not be brought into China. Even if your computer software and art works are legal works, each work shall be limited to one copy. Narcotics, drugs, pornographic books, magazines and weapons are not allowed.

Second, Thai customs and taboos should be known. Thai people don't like to hook up and frighten others from behind. Women can't wear short sleeves and sleeveless clothes when entering the royal palace. Men must wear top clothes with collar, no slippers, and no shoulders for men and women. Say hello with both hands together, not with feet pointing to people or things. Do not touch other people's heads, because in Thailand the head is the most sacred part of the body. Men and women in public places should not have too intimate actions. If you are a gambler, control it. It's not allowed here, even playing mahjong and cards in the hotel.

Third, understand the communication situation in Thailand. China's global users can use it in Thailand. The local call is 5 yuan per minute. 6 yuan per minute for answering, 12 yuan per minute for making domestic calls and 2 yuan per minute for texting. You can also buy one-2-call, happy and true SIM cards in Thailand. To travel to Thailand, you can remember these important phone numbers: Travel police service phone number: 1155 travel service center hotline, the slogan is' remember a number, travel all over Thailand '. The purpose is to provide fast service for tourists, and make the service meet international standards, so that foreign tourists have full confidence in traveling to Thailand. Other important calls are: call 191, fire 199, emergency center 1691, medical aid 1669.

Fourth, pay attention to safety in Thailand. Be careful of your belongings. Keep your valuables with you. After staying in the hotel, first observe the emergency exit. If there is an alarm, don't panic and leave quickly and orderly. When you rest, fasten the safety lock of the room. Do not open the door to strangers. Do not smoke in the bed. If the swimming pool of your hotel is not open or there are no lifeguards on site, do not enter without permission. When moving on water, wear life jackets and do not exceed the safety warning range. When taking photos with animals, follow the guidance of the trainer to avoid accidents due to human factors.