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Delicious food for Thai Tourism

In the past two years, Thailand tourism has become a hot topic in overseas tourism. Many people will choose to travel to Thailand. If you want to travel to Thailand, of course, you need to taste the local food. What are the classic Thai food? Xiaobian summarized these ten kinds of food. Come and have a look!

1: stir fried rice noodles in Thai style

It can also be said that it's a famous dish in Thai cuisine. First, stir fry the rice noodles with sweet sauce to make them sweet, salty and salty. Then put broken peanuts, chili powder, peanut powder and bean sprouts on the side. Before eating, mix all the ingredients well, and then add a few drops of lemon juice. Then, the rice noodles and crisp bean sprouts that pop their teeth after the entrance have a wonderful taste. In the aroma of peanut powder, lemon juice The sweet taste of the whole dish will be brought out slowly, and the last one is the power of chili powder. Usually this dish is quite common in Thailand, so you can order it in big restaurants and small restaurants!

2: fried rice with pineapple

Thai style pineapple fried rice, using the aroma of Thai fragrant rice, with pineapple and assorted vegetables, stir fried quickly. The taste of salty, salty, sour, sweet and sweet will make people appetizer when they eat one mouthful. The taste is rich with cashew nuts, especially when the rice is put on the table together in pineapple, the visual effect is very good.

3: dongyingong Decoction

Dongyingong soup is very common in Thailand. It is often drunk in restaurants and ordinary people's homes, thus becoming the representative of Thai food. In the name of this soup, 'winter Yin' means sour and spicy, and 'gong' means shrimp. In fact, it is translated as sour and spicy shrimp soup.

4: Curry Noodles

Curry noodle is the representative of northern Thai diet. This kind of stewed chicken curry with light taste and wide noodle with eggs is one of the favorite breakfast in northern Thailand.

5: Green Papaya Salad

The green papaya salad is an appetizer that Thai people like very much. It tastes sour and sweet, and then brings out the fresh and crispy taste of Green Papaya with chili. With the chewy feeling of lettuce and peanut particles, it makes people have a big appetite.

6: Thai style Coconut Chicken Soup

Coconut Chicken Soup with coconut milk as the bottom of the soup, adding chicken to enhance the flavor by the strong aroma of ginger, citronella and lemon leaves, slightly sour, but refreshing and smooth taste, very delicious.

7: Pig's feet rice

As the name implies, pig's foot rice is named after the big pig's hoof with the Thai rice. Many tourists will feel greasy when they see pig's feet rice, but this is not the case. The marinated pig's hoof in the pig's foot rice is smooth and tender, and it will be accompanied by refreshing vegetables and Thai style sour and spicy sauce, which makes people salivate at a mouthful.

8: Mango glutinous rice

Mango glutinous rice is a sweet snack with Thai characteristics. The whole mango is cut into pieces and put into the plate, and the other side is put into the glutinous rice rice drenched with coconut juice. It's very simple to sell, but it's unexpected that such a simple combination can produce a magical 'reaction' in the mouth.

9: Thai curry

Curry is the favorite seasoning in Southeast Asia. Thais also play the role of curry to the extreme. Almost all ingredients can be cooked together with curry. Curry can be divided into yellow curry, green curry and red curry. Yellow curry has a soft taste and can be used with a variety of ingredients.

10: fried crab with Curry

Fried crab with curry is a famous dish in Thailand, which is very popular with tourists. In the past, Thai people only use celery, onion and onion to fry crab, which is a bit like Chinese style fried crab with ginger and onion. It is said that later a chef mistakenly put curry into the fried crab to create a unique flavor, which was sought after by diners.