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It's so awesome. It's 500 words. It's so awesome. It's the latest in China

It's so awesome. It's 500 words. It's so awesome. It's the latest in China "fierce, China" has been screened recently. This film fully shows the great changes of China in recent years, the prosperity of the motherland, the people's living and working in peace and contentment, and the brilliant achievements of various grand undertakings of the motherland. People can't help but feel proud. The following small edition will share a 500 word impression of "fierce, China".

After 500 words of "fierce, our country":

The film market is more and more prosperous. From the audience's point of view, there are many choices, many to see. But the movie "awesome, my country" landing in the cinema is still a bright spot, because this type of movie is still rare.

On March 2, the first day of the release of "awesome, my country". When buying tickets, I found that some of the tickets have been sold out, and there are not many tickets left in the tickets. I can only choose one seat with a bad position, and I can see from the beginning to the end with my neck askew. Box office statistics show that the first day box office exceeded 40 million, which is a good result.

Now, I'd like to comment on a good movie. You can easily say that it's "burning". "Fierce, our country" is also very popular. It's worth the ticket money just by visual effect.

Many of the film's materials are from the documentary "brilliant China" broadcasted on CCTV last year, which has highly condensed China bridge, China port, China car, China Road, China net and other parts, and has been used in the film. For people like me who have seen brilliant China, many of the shots are familiar.

However, when these scenes are shown on the big screen, the feeling of watching is not the same. Such grand scenes as the closure of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the first flight of C919, the hoisting of fast Tianyan, the assembly of hualong-1 nuclear power unit, the operation of lanjing-2 offshore drilling platform, etc. can not be compared with the impact on the large screen and the small screen of TV. Visual impact helps us understand the meaning of "great project" more directly and deeply, and let us realize the amazing creativity of Chinese people in the process of fighting against the earth. So shocked, who else can be indifferent, the bottom of my heart as a Chinese pride surge?

A good movie can't stay on the "burning" of visual effect. In order to really bear the "good" character, the movie must have a spiritual core and arouse the audience's resonance at the ideological level. "Awesome, my country" has done well in this respect.

The performance of the great project is only a part of the film. The creator has compressed several themes into this short documentary film: dream project, innovation driven, coordinated development, green China, sharing well-off society, opening China, etc.

Each of these topics is often heard and seen by us, but because of the length, they are often expressed separately. When they are connected in series, their internal logicality will appear. It can also be said that the internal logic of contemporary China comes out. The audience not only saw the big scene on the big screen, but also saw the answer to the question "what is China".

China's rapid rise has attracted the attention of the whole world, and has also been questioned from all aspects, because many people want to know where China will go and where it will take the world after it becomes strong. Among them, there are questions from western countries. In the process of their rise, these countries have had the stages of colonialism and foreign plunder. Their cognition of things is restricted by their own history. The so-called body has entered the 21st century, and their heads are still in the past. They can't understand or accept that there is another rising mode, so they concoct all kinds of crooked theories to discredit China.

In addition, some people have suggested that the country has become stronger. What does it have to do with individuals? In what sense is the rising China different from the United States? How can 'Chinese people make greater contributions to the world' be realized?

The narrative logic of "fierce, our country" can be regarded as a response to such questions and reflections, most prominently reflected in poverty alleviation and promoting the economic development of the third world countries.

The film used many video materials of general secretary Xi Jinping's investigation and Research on poverty alleviation. There is an impressive segment. When the general secretary visited a certain place and learned that the per capita income of local farmers increased from the past 500 yuan to 10000 yuan, he said to the people present that only the Communist Party can do this, and only China's socialist system can do it.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the media produced a video to sort out the activities of state leaders in the past few years, which were all in poor areas to visit the people in need. However, people can't imagine that the president of the United States will visit the homeless sleeping in the street during their Christmas. The president of the United States has leisure to pardon a turkey, but has no time to care about the poor. What is the difference between China and the United States? This is it. When "fierce, our country" talks about the achievements of economic development together with poverty alleviation work and people's livelihood project, it answers whether there is any relationship between national development and individuals.

"Severe, my country" also briefly refers to the withdrawal of overseas Chinese from Yemen. This is where the latest hit film, action in the Red Sea, is based. Does the development of a country have anything to do with individuals? Of course.

Taking a shoe factory in Ethiopia as an example, the film shows China's economic development in the backward countries of the third world. As a result of China's investment, Ethiopia has a complete leather industry chain. Workers can get twice the local average wage and get professional development. In history, what did the capital of European and American countries bring to Africa? Is the answer not obvious enough?

What is the rising modern China? She is a modern power, a socialist modern power, and a socialist modern power with benevolence and righteousness as its core value. This is the essential difference between China and the traditional Western powers.

"Fierce, our country" is a network statement, which is not so serious, but the film is serious enough and the quality is guaranteed. On the other hand, it can be used as a propaganda film of patriotism education, on the other hand, it can be used as a propaganda film of national image.

To say sorry, I think there is also, that is too short, "awesome, my country" is only 90 minutes. The film can be a little longer, add more content, and make it richer. The film "action in the Red Sea" is more than 130 minutes long. We all enjoy it. As long as the content is good, the audience won't be too long.