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What month, day, hour and minute are the cold solar terms this year? Introduction to three cold synd

The great cold is the last of the twenty-four solar terms, which represents the end of a round of solar terms and the reincarnation of a new round of solar terms. So what is the date of this year's cold solar term? What time exactly? What are the three seasons of the great cold solar term? Let's take a look at this article.

what is the date and time of the great cold in 2020: 22:55 on January 20

Great cold is the last of the twenty-four solar terms. Fighting finger ugliness; The sun yellow meridian is 300 DEG;; The festival is held on January 20-21 of the Gregorian calendar. Like the minor cold, the severe cold is also a solar term indicating the cold degree of the weather. In some areas of China, the severe cold is not as cold as the minor cold, but in some years and a few coastal areas, the annual minimum steam temperature will still appear in the severe cold solar terms. Mild cold and severe cold are the periods with the least rain in a year.

As soon as the cold is over, the solar terms of the new year will come back again. It is the so-called winter to spring. Although the great cold is cold, it will not be as cold as during the heavy snow to the winter solstice because it is close to spring. At this time, people began to be busy removing the old and decorating the new, pickling new year dishes, preparing new year goods and various sacrificial offerings, and cleaning up dust, because the Spring Festival, the most important festival of the Chinese people, is coming.

Great cold & middot; Sanhou

Chicken milk means that chickens begin to feed their offspring.

Another name of the second syndrome bird is falcon, which is a fierce bird. This bird can cross the Pacific Ocean with a small branch in its mouth. The reason why it wants to hold the branch is that it can throw the branch into the sea when it is tired, and then stand on it to rest. When it is hungry, it can directly catch fish to eat, and finally successfully cross the Pacific Ocean.

Three seasons of water, solid water, refers to the lake, solid water in the middle of the lake, which means solid. In the cold season, the ice on the lake will settle in the middle of the lake, and the whole ice will become very strong.