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The US military was attacked, and the oil price soared, once rising by more than 4.5%

According to Agence France Presse, after Iran fired a series of ballistic missiles at U.S. and coalition forces at Iraqi Air Force bases, oil prices soared on the morning of the 8th, rising by more than 4.5%.

It is reported that after Iran made its first response to the US assassination of its commander Sulaimani, the price of West Texas medium oil rose by 4.53% to US $65.54 a barrel, and then fell slightly. In addition, Brent crude oil fell nearly 1% on the 7th and has not been traded yet, Reuters reported.

According to previous media reports, with the escalating tension in the Middle East, people's concerns about the interruption of oil supply have also intensified. Oil prices rose further on the 6th, with Brent crude oil prices close to $70 a barrel. It is reported that after Sulaimani was attacked, the oil price rose by more than 3%.

On the 8th local time, Al & sdot, the Iraq US Joint Air Force Base in western Iraq; Al Asad was attacked by multiple rockets. The US Department of Defense says at least 12 missiles have been launched.

Foreign media quoted Iranian state television as saying that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard said that the attack was retaliation for the killing of Iranian commander Sulaimani by the United States. " We warn all U.S. allies who hand over their bases to the U.S. terrorist forces that any territory that serves as the starting point for aggressive actions against Iran will be targeted. " Once new violations occur, there will be more devastating reactions'.