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How many P20 versions of Huawei P20 series are there in the Bank of China

Recently, Huawei P20 has received a lot of news. It is reported that Huawei P20 series is divided into three versions: P20, P20 pro and P20 Lite, which are Standard Version, enhanced version and youth version. What is the price of P20? How about the configuration? Let's see the introduction below.

I'm afraid you already know the configuration and some design features, but the price has always been a mystery. Although Huawei will release this series of mobile phones overseas on March 27, in fact, the domestic price will wait until the domestic release conference to be announced separately, so it has always been a mystery. But recently, the price of this mobile phone has been exposed on the Internet. It is said that P20 starts with a domestic price of 3788 yuan and P20 Pro starts with a price of 4688 yuan.

Among them, P20 has two storage versions, 4 + 64GB and 6 + 128GB, with prices of 3788 yuan and 4288 yuan. P20 Pro has three storage versions, namely 6 + 64GB / 6 + 128GB / 6 + 256gb, with prices of 4688 yuan, 5288 yuan and 9999 yuan. The source also said that the price of the last top matching of the pro version is as high as 9999 yuan, but it should be the rumored special edition of Porsche Design, so the price is much higher than other models.

For other hardware, P20 series uses Huawei Kirin 970 processor, which has been used in mate series, with good performance. Although it is not as good as Xiaolong 835, its overall performance is acceptable due to its early release date and built-in AI processing unit. It is likely that there will be three Leica certified cameras behind. It is not clear what functions they have, which needs to be further revealed in the conference.