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How to use Huawei finger joint screenshot

How to use Huawei finger joint screenshot

Sihai network: Huawei mobile phone system has finger joint screenshots, which makes screenshots full of new fun. As long as it is Huawei mobile phone's emui 4.0 or above system, it has finger joint screenshots, so do you know how to play finger joint screenshots? Let's have a look.

Huawei finger joint screen capture method introduction

1. First of all, we need to turn on the "intelligent screen capture" function in Huawei's unified settings, and then just tap the screen with knuckles, you can screen capture. The specific methods are as follows.

2. Double click on the screen to achieve full screen capture; draw a complete figure on the screen to achieve partial screenshot, and you can also resize the screenshot. The screenshot can be found in Huawei mobile album.

3. Finger joint recognition brings a more intimate experience. It not only realizes the screen capture of single finger joint, but also adds the function of double finger joint startup screen recording.

4. At present, most Android phones use the shortcut key to take screenshots. Most of them press the [power key] + [volume -] combination shortcut key at the same time to achieve full screen screenshots. Huawei's finger joint screenshots feature has a higher screenshot effect and also supports partial screenshots, which is very fast and convenient.

How to play with Huawei finger joint screenshots? Where to do Huawei finger joint screenshots? Xiaobian introduced these to you. Just double click the screen with the knuckle of a finger, you can complete the screenshot!