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What harm does often eat tea egg have? Tea eggs can cause cancer

Do you like tea eggs? Tea eggs are one of our traditional foods. Compared with white water eggs, tea eggs with rich flavor are deeply loved by many people, but many people don't know that eating tea eggs not only can't provide us with nutrients, but also can be harmful to our health. Now let's see if tea eggs are suitable for eating. What's the harm?

What are the hazards of eating tea eggs

1. Tea eggs hinder digestion and absorption

The two components of tea egg are good nutrition food. Eggs are rich in amino acids, protein, lecithin and microelements. One egg a day can fully absorb its nutrition. Tea contains caffeine, which can refresh the mind and eliminate fatigue; tannin, which can effectively prevent the fluoride contained in stroke and prevent tooth disease; black tea, which can effectively prevent skin cancer. Green tea is rich in tea polyphenols, but also excellent antioxidants, can prevent cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory sterilization and so on.

2. Causing various diseases

Tea eggs after a long time cooking, boiling water and steamer water will produce a variety of harmful heavy metals, and produce a nitrite. It contains carcinogens, which can cause diseases of digestive system, nervous system, urinary system and hematopoietic system. In addition to alkaloids, there are also acid substances in tea, which are combined with iron in eggs, and have great stimulation to stomach, intestine, pancreas, kidney, etc. Therefore, if the elderly eat tea eggs on an empty stomach, it may cause diseases. If the elderly have a history of cholecystitis and pancreatitis, try not to eat tea eggs.

3. Tea eggs can cause anemia

Tea eggs cooked for a long time, the yolk is gray green, which is caused by the formation of insoluble ferrous sulfide by ferrous ion in the yolk and sulfur ion in the protein. This kind of ferrous sulfide will not be absorbed and utilized by human body. If children often eat it, they will suffer from iron malabsorption, resulting in iron deficiency anemia.

4, carcinogenesis

Usually we boil tea eggs for a long time, in this process, a variety of harmful heavy metals will be produced. It also produces a substance called nitrite, which is a very dangerous carcinogen. If ingested for a long time, it will not only cause digestive system, nervous system, urinary system and other diseases, but also may cause cancer.

So we still need to eat less tea eggs. Although tea eggs are delicious, they not only have no nutrition but also contain harmful substances. Boiled eggs are the best choice.