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Can pregnant women have dogs? What are the precautions for pregnant women to keep dogs

Can pregnant women keep dogs during pregnancy? In modern society, many families have regarded dogs as part of their families. So for expectant mothers who are about to give birth, can they keep dogs during pregnancy? What are the precautions for pregnant women to keep dogs?

The main worry about whether pregnant women can keep dogs is that they suffer from toxoplasmosis during pregnancy. This pathogen lives in cats, dogs and birds. If people contact with these animals, they may be infected. If pregnant women are infected, infection in the early stage of pregnancy will have a great impact on the fetus, possibly hydrocephalus, etc. Once the fetus infected with Toxoplasma gondii has to flow out, it also has some influence in the middle and late pregnancy. You can take blood to check the Toxoplasma antibody before pregnancy to see if there is immunity.

After pregnancy, there are two main aspects of the impact of domestic dog: one is the impact of parasites, mainly Toxoplasma gondii. The other is to be vaccinated after being bitten by dogs. Although the vaccine does not affect the fetus in theory, it is still lack of practical verification. Try not to protect the dog. If you already have one, you can still keep it, but you should avoid too close contact with the dog and wash your hands before eating. When you need medication during pregnancy, you should explain to your doctor that you are pregnant, so as not to use drugs that cannot be used during pregnancy.

Precautions for dogs during pregnancy:

1. Do not let pets into the bedroom

2. Do not use carpet, use the floor that is easy to clean

3. Clean the room frequently and use efficient purifier

4. Always clean the pet's hair outdoors to avoid allergens