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Will the iPhone x plus support dual card and dual standby? How much will the iPhone x plus cost

Recently, the display panel of the iPhone x plus has exploded, which is 6.5 inches in size. It can be said that the iPhone x plus is the largest screen mobile phone in Apple's history. It is said that the iPhone x plus can support dual card and dual wait. How about it? We have to wait and see.

Is it true that the iPhone x plus supports dual card dual standby?

Now it's 2018, and Apple's new phones will arrive as scheduled. However, more and more information about the configuration of the new phones will be exposed. It's now known that the 5.8-inch iPhone x follow-up model and the lower price 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will be launched this year. According to Bloomberg, all three iPhones will have a full screen design and instead of fingerprint recognition, they will use faceid face recognition. Among them, the large screen version has recently released another message which is expected to realize the dual sim card setting.

What's the estimated price of iPhone x plus?

It is reported that the iPhone x plus is expected to cost more than 10000 yuan, but this price is not unexpected.

The user experience of iPhone is very good, but the durability is not flattering. Recently, the failure rate has soared. Presumably, some failure fans have encountered it. However, don't worry about that if your iPhone has any failure, it is recommended to go to apple for after-sales maintenance. For example, room 01, 18 / F, building 1, Highland Center, No.9 Jianshe Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu City. In order to avoid queuing, you can call the customer service hotline to make an appointment Free inspection upon arrival.

For the 6.5-inch iPhone x plus, apple is likely to consider adding the dual sim card mode. This dual sim card is a little different from our usual Dual SIM card dual standby concept. Apple wants to implant the SIM card and ESIM card dual mode. The advantage of ESIM card is that it doesn't need to rely on the physical mobile card, it can be directly embedded in the mobile chip, supports all the operators that can be supported, and can be easily switched without changing the card Operator network.