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What are the causes of "getting angry"? What's good for "on fire"?

(throat burning) recently, I went to the hospital to see a doctor because of my sore throat. After seeing the doctor, he said: 'it's burning' & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203);. I'm sure you're familiar with the word "fire", but do you really know what the word "fire" is? Today, Xiaobian is going to show you the truth of the fire.

'fire' in the lungs: cough;

Fire in the liver: insomnia;

Fire in the stomach: bad breath;

Fire in the heart: sore tongue

If there are red eyes, sore throat, hot nose, dry mouth, bad mouth, bloody nose, toothache and other symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is "on fire".

(drinking a lot of water can relieve the fire)

No matter what organ is on fire, drink plenty of water (even if it is not on fire, drink plenty of water!) It's better to add some honey. Honey is very good for nourishing yin. Then at night, bubble feet, rub feet 100 times each, and press Yongquan point, which can play the role of heart kidney intersection, yin-yang balance.

Fire, if you know that organ is on fire, targeted treatment, of course, the effect will be better! The tongue is red and there is fire in the body. Different 'fire' behaves differently on the tongue.

 red tongue tip: Heartburn

(lotus seed heart)

Summer Lord heart, so summer heart fire will be prosperous!

If the tip of the tongue is red, accompanied by restlessness, dry mouth, sore mouth and tongue, bad sleep, bad nightmares, hot hands, feet and heart, night sweat, red urine, fever, yellow stool and other symptoms, it may be heartburn.

Solution: drink lotus seed heart tea, knead or moxibustion Daling point to lower the heart fire.

Red on both sides of tongue: Liver Fire

(Chrysanthemum tea)

When there is liver fire, the tongue is also red, but it is mainly concentrated on both sides of the tongue. In addition, there are: impatient and irritable, insomnia, dizziness, red eyes, dry mouth, deafness and tinnitus, thin and yellow tongue coating, chest and flank pain, dry stool, itchy nipples, large amount of menstruation ahead of time.

Solution: drink chrysanthemum tea, knead or moxibustion on Taichong Point to reduce liver fire.

Dividend in the front half of tongue: lung fire

(honeysuckle tea)

The manifestations of lung fire are boils in the face, dry nose and throat pain, cough and chest pain, dry cough without phlegm or phlegm yellow and sticky, poor sleep, and dividend in the front half of the tongue;

A good way to clear lung heat is to eat a few radishes raw; eating pears also has the effect of clearing lung heat and moistening lung. At this time, knead the abdomen for 5 minutes each time.

Solution: drink gold and silver flower tea, knead or moxibustion on the point of dayuji to reduce lung fire.

 whole tongue red: stomach fire

(Kuding tea)

The symptoms of stomach fire include: upset hot stomach pain, thirst, bad breath, toothache, swollen gums, bleeding teeth, etc., want to drink cold water, easy to starve, the whole tongue is relatively red (sometimes the tongue is red and yellow, and yellow covers the red).

Solution: drink Kuding tea, knead or moxibustion on Neiting point to reduce stomach fire.

 red tongue and little Moss: kidney fire

(honey chrysanthemum tea)

If the tongue is red and less moss, the waist is sour and the knees are soft, the hair is off and the teeth are shaking, the mouth is dry, the ears are ringing, sometimes the sleep is not good, etc., it may be the deficiency of kidney yin. If on this basis, the heat disturbs the mind, and there are upset, night sweats, and hot hands and feet, it is mostly the manifestation of yin deficiency and fire. In severe cases, the tongue is redder, without or without moss. It may be a thin layer of yellow moss, indicating that there is heat coming out.

Solution: drink honey chrysanthemum tea, knead or moxibustion Zhaohai point to reduce kidney fire.

Most of our organ fires are caused by our own living habits. People need to drink 1500ml-1700ml of water a day, which is equivalent to more than three bottles of mineral water! When summer comes, drink more.

A lot of AI you said: after moxibustion, the fire broke out.

In fact, it's not that there is a fire after moxibustion, but there is a fire in your body. It's just that the positive Qi of moxibustion stirs up the virtual fire in your body, produces it, sticks to moxibustion, and finally reaches the balance of yin and Yang.

in this case, bubble your feet at night, and then press and rub or moxibustion Yongquan point and Taichong Point!