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How much is the box office of Chinatown detective 2? Total box office forecast of Chinatown detectiv in this year's Spring Festival, in addition to the biggest black horse "action in the Red Sea," detective 2 in Chinatown "has also attracted much attention. It undertakes the first part of the plot and word-of-mouth, and the second part does not disappoint the audience." detective 2 in Chinatown "has risen to a higher level in both the reasoning plot and the funny section. The box office of detective 2 in Chinatown has exceeded 2.8 billion, ranking the third in the mainland Chinese box office. So what's the total box office of Chinatown detective 2?

"Chinatown detective 2" won the single day box office champion for 4 consecutive days, and topped the box office of the Spring Festival long holiday with more than 2.8 billion. According to the statistics of the special assets office, driven by good reputation, the film has set several box office records in mainland film history, not only breaking 1.6 billion and 1.9 billion at the fastest speed, but also breaking the record of 300 million box office in mainland film history for five consecutive days, with strong performance. According to industry insiders, the total box office of Chinatown detective will be around 3.5 billion.

It can be found in the director's special show exposed today that behind the praise of "Tang detective 2" is the full effort of the crew. In the shooting process in New York, director Chen Sicheng was able to "ignite himself" in the whole process. Under the high tension of time and pressure, he completed an extraordinary task with the creators. During the shooting, he experienced "over and over" several times. Just after the shooting of a play in the central station, he was stopped by the United States because of the time limit, which was very difficult.

On Chen Sicheng's 40th birthday, starring Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haoran and Xiao Yang, but because of their 'dissatisfaction' with the scenes of streaking and dressing up as a woman in the play, they recorded videos and protested to the director collectively, and boldly demanded their own personal settings in the next film: Liu Haoran hoped that 'Qin Feng blacked out and completed high IQ crimes'; Wang Baoqiang asked' exchange of personal settings with Qin Feng 'to be a high-value detective; Xiao Yang called on the director to stop Destroy your 'beauty'. Wang Xun also said that he would not like to play anyone but Q. However, as soon as the camera turned, several people continued the reverse tradition of the Tang probe series, and Liu Chengyu and Shang Yuxian gave the director sweet birthday wishes, which were interesting and loving.

Flaming directors walk the tightrope every day

Central station only took one machine away

'I felt burning myself several times, and even felt that making this movie would shorten my life. "Recalling the experience of shooting in New York, director Chen Sicheng smiled bitterly. Even if there is accurate and comprehensive preparation before shooting, the American time rules still make the shooting time urgent. Some plays even have only one shot opportunity. The director mocks himself as if he is walking a steel wire every day, and never dare to make mistakes.

In the scene of Liu Haoran's assailant in central station, the crew needs to rush through all the shots from zero to 4 a. It's not easy to complete such a high-quality shooting task in such a tight shooting time. Han Han expressed surprise after watching the film: 'I'm surprised to see such high quality in such a short post production time. '

The first Chinese film of American trade union cooperation

Team professionalism of Tang detective 2 is recognized

'seeing what movie and cultural powers should be like, they should carry enough decent Chinese culture with enough stories, not advocate the responsibility of big countries, but only talk about cultural exchanges. "After the film was released, many viewers said that the core is still Chinese traditional culture, but the shell is larger and more international than the first one. As the first Chinese film to cooperate with the U.S. labor union, "Tang detective 2" makes Chinese films take another step forward in the road of cultural output.

"The professionalism of our whole Chinese team is also fully recognized this time," said Xiao Yang. In the process of team communication between China and the west, we not only saw the maturity of Hollywood film industrialization, but also saw the advantages and enthusiasm of the Chinese team in team cooperation. In this cooperation, the professional performance of the Chinese team has also been praised by the US team.