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Where to travel in spring 2018? Recommended scenic spots for Spring Tourism

Where to travel in spring 2018? Recommended scenic spots for Spring Tourism as the saying goes, the plan of a year is spring. Spring is a good time for sunny things to recover. Many friends will take advantage of the good time to travel. Do you know where to travel in spring? The following small editor will recommend some suitable tourist attractions for you to visit in spring.

Lijiang ancient city (Lijiang City, Yunnan Province)

Reason for listing: since people found Lijiang, they have given various definitions related to love here. This is the heaven of love. The air is full of sweet ambiguity. On the terrace of the small hotel, we hugged and watched the snow mountain encircle; walked in the Sifang street hand in hand to enjoy the lazy sunshine in summer afternoon; listened to the long and ancient music of Naxi nationality by the window, and the time passed by carelessly, so was the life of the so-called fairy couple. In the night, Lijiang is dreamy and lost. In the candlelight bar, you can sing softly. In the sparkling river, a wish light carrying good wishes goes with the water & hellip; hellip; honeymoon. Only in Lijiang can you spread such a gentle and beautiful honeymoon.

Note: Lijiang has a high prototype southwest monsoon climate with low temperature and large temperature difference between day and night. Lijiang has strong sunshine and ultraviolet rays. It's best to carry sun hat and frost proof products with you. Lijiang is a high altitude area (2400 meters). It is not suitable for strenuous exercise or drinking.

Sanya (Hainan Province)

Reason for listing: Sanya is a place spoiled by God. God has given the most pleasant climate, the freshest air, the warmest sunshine, the bluest sea water, the softest beach and the most delicious seafood & hellip; to the southernmost coastal tourist city of Hainan Island. Here, you will be infected by the sea. You will walk on the fine and soft beach, and play in the fresh and transparent sea water, with waves and laughter. Here, you can experience the weight of 'Dead Sea and rotten stone', the beauty of looking at the sea and the sky on the Valentine's bridge, and make the most real vows beside the end of the world, with each other and hand in hand for a lifetime.

Precautions: take sunscreen with a sun protection index of more than 40 and good water resistance, and prepare medicines to prevent heatstroke, gastrointestinal diseases, mosquito bites, etc. Do not drink beer when eating seafood. Do not eat cold drinks, watermelons and other foods within one hour after eating seafood, and do not go swimming immediately.

Xitang ancient town (Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province)

Reasons for listing: Xitang, which does not get wet in rainy days or sun in sunny days, is very suitable for the friends who are deeply in love with each other. In the early morning, the bridge is flowing with water and mist; in the evening, the setting sun is slanting and the fishing boat is flat; in the moonlight, the lantern is red and the melody is melodious. Walking hand in hand under the long porch shed, wandering in a simple folk house shop; or making a pot of tea, leaning on the fence with your lover and watching the slanting sun reflecting on the water, the boat squeaked and rowed, the gentle Jiangnan tune came from the radio, quietly savoring the ancient tranquility with the smell of fireworks.

Fenghuang ancient city (Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province)

Reason for listing: Phoenix, the most beautiful small city in China. The green Tuojiang River winds under the ancient city wall, and the lush Nanhua foothills reflect the river. The Diaojiaolou on the bank is well-organized and lush with trees; you can hold an oil paper umbrella and walk in the rain hand in hand with your lover. The beautiful scenery in front of you is quiet and peaceful. Here, the mountains are green, the water is flexible, and the sun is warm. In the meantime, every soul that is infiltrated by love is happy.

Note: do not enter other people's homes with open umbrellas; do not step on the threshold of other people's homes; do not stay in the same room when visiting other people's homes; do not step on the tripod of other people when visiting Miao people's homes; do not sit in the main hall (shrine direction); do not whistle casually in Miao village and Tujia mountain village.

Yangshuo (Guilin, Guangxi)

Reasons for listing: 'green mountain is the evidence, green water is the evidence. 'the mountains on both sides of the Longhe River are beautiful, rolling, with green grass, lush green bamboo and numerous trees on the bank; the river is clear and bright, the fish are wandering, the breeze is blowing, and the ripples are like fairyland. If you live between the mountains and waters in this life, what do you want. Green water and green mountains are the representatives of pure love. Under the big banyan tree, which Liu Sanjie loves with songs, is the holy land of love vows. For thousands of years, it has witnessed the true love of countless couples.

Note: the best travel in Yangshuo is from April to November, and the winter is dry season, so it is not allowed to drift by bamboo rafts; there are many mosquitoes in Yangshuo, so it's better to carry essential balm; there are many roads in Yangshuo mountain, so it's better to hire a local tour guide, about 10-20 yuan a day, and the price can be negotiated.

Lhasa (Tibet Autonomous Region)

Reason for listing: feel the mysterious religious atmosphere in the snow field in the nearest place to heaven. Love, here becomes a fate to accept God's will. In the Jokhang Temple, take a walk along the zhuanjingdao, make a wish in front of the Buddha, and light a long light for love. In the moment of lightning, the people who hand in hand at this moment, firmly believe in life. 'that day I heard the truth in your Sutra chanting when I closed my eyes in the incense mist of the Sutra Hall / that month I shook all the scripture turning tubes to touch your fingertips / that year I kowtowed my head and crawled on the mountain road not to see you, but only to stick to your warmth / that life I used to turn mountains to turn water to turn pagodas, not to build my next life just to meet you on the way'. This is Lhasa, the holy land of Cangyangjiacuo, full of deep love.

Note: before going to Lhasa, you can take the drugs like Gaoyuan an four days or a week in advance to relieve the high altitude reaction. If you have a cold before you go, you can go to Tibet only after you get well. If there is a bad cold in Lhasa, you should go to the hospital for infusion or oxygen as soon as possible. If you don't treat it in time, it is easy to cause other serious diseases (pulmonary edema, edema, etc.).

Dali ancient city (Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province)

Reason for listing: Dali is the place where lovers start their dreams. It's a legend with stable life and quiet years. In the ancient streets and alleys, the waves are accompanied by the clear wind and the bright moon. Listen to the old stories and dreams of the small city, walk on the bluestone board to see tie dye antiques, go to the eight parts of Tianlong city to find the trace of Duan's family, go to butterfly spring to experience the pure love of a Peng's golden flower, walk into the thick culture accumulated for thousands of years, and enjoy the rare peace. For every new honeymoon couple, Dali is real, inactive, tolerant and harmonious.

Note: the temperature of Dali falls rapidly at the turn of summer and autumn. It's better to take the autumn clothes with you in case of catching cold.

Gulangyu (Xiamen, Fujian)

Reasons for being on the list: in the afternoon of Gulangyu, the sun is flowing on your body. Take your partner and walk to the alley deep in the slope to find the original consulate full of flowers to live in. The one hundred year old floor glass window is your private living room facing the sea during your honeymoon. Or live in the three-story building beside the Catholic Church to wake you up with the guitar sound of the church on the weekend Honey's sleep, Gothic spire is the romantic coordinate, the rose window on the cast iron middle door is the best thing to witness love. There are no red and green lights here, only happy people holding hands, walking on the soft beach to stroll the sunset.

Note: in the typhoon season of July, August and September every year, all the ships at the seaside will stop. There will be many Longtou road and Zhangzhou Road on Gulangyu Island. You'd better ask the people on the island, or you'll go a lot of wrong ways. When playing on the reef by the sea, pay attention to the fluctuation of the tide.

Hangzhou West Lake (Zhejiang Province)

Reason for listing: West Lake is a poem, a painting and a beautiful and moving story. Under the spring wind, the peach willows on the two banks of Su Bai, the lotus flowers on the tianlianbi in the summer, the three pools saturated with moonlight in the autumn night, the red plum trees with oblique shadows after the winter snow, the warbler's song in the tobacco willow cage yarn, and the building in the Misty drizzle. The beautiful scenery of the West Lake has aroused the obsession of men and women in the world for thousands of years; the world's wind and moon make the West Lake still charming after thousands of years. This rippled Lake silently witnesses countless times of love. The 18 Li Long Bridge to see each other off, Xu Bai's broken bridge to meet again, in the distant legend, hiding all the secrets of the beauty of the West Lake.