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The Lakers beat the pelicans for four consecutive victories. The Lakers beat the pelicans 123-113 to

The NBA regular season continued, and the Los Angeles Lakers (28-7) continued to win. Davis got 46 points and 13 rebounds against the old owners, LeBron got 17 points, 8 rebounds and 15 assists. They led the team to establish a big score lead by using the attack in the third quarter. The Lakers resisted the opponent's counterattack in the last quarter. They beat the New Orleans pelicans 123-113 at home (11-24). The Lakers won four games in a row and the pelicans ended their four game winning streak.

Davis of the Lakers got 46 points, 13 rebounds and 3 steals, green got 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, LeBron got 17 points, 8 rebounds, 15 assists and 2 steals, and Kuzma got 10 points. Pelican's Bauer got 23 points and 5 assists, Ingram made 10 of 27 shots, got 22 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, Moore got 16 points and 3 rebounds, favos got 15 points, 14 rebounds and 4 blocks, Redick got 14 points and 5 rebounds, hollerdy got 12 points and 6 assists.

Bauer and Ingram return to Los Angeles. After 6 and 8 draws at the start of the game, green fired on the outside line and scored two three-point goals. He led the team to a 12-4 climax. With 6 minutes and 50 seconds left in the first quarter, the Lakers took a 20-12 lead. Hollerdy's layup was successful. Bradley, McGee and Davis joined hands for 6 points, and the Lakers opened the advantage to 12 points. After the pelicans suspended, Reddick hit back with three points, green felt hot and scored two more three-point goals. The Lakers led 37-19 with three minutes left in this section. Reddick scored another three points. He led the team to chase seven points, Green's right wing scored another three points, and the Lakers ended the first quarter with a 42-30 lead of 12 points. The Lakers' green scored 17 points in a single quarter, and Davis scored 12 points and seven rebounds.

Daniels opened the second quarter with a three-point ball. The two old Lakers began to work hard. Bauer broke through twice and Ingram scored two goals in a row. They led the team to play an 11-0 counterattack wave. After 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the pelicans caught up to 44-49. Kuzma broke through twice, LeBron hit three points, and the Lakers pulled the advantage back to 10 points.

After that, the two teams each made several attacks. Reddick scored another three points and Moore hit the running shot. The pelicans chased 60-64 1:50 before half time. Davis scored three points successfully, LeBron hit the running shot, and the Lakers led by nine points again. Ingram made an emergency stop jump shot and hit, but the pelicans then attacked the dumb fire. Davis and green made five free throws to end the second quarter, and the Lakers took a 74-62 lead.

Davis of the Lakers got 21 points and 9 rebounds in the first half, and green got 20 points and 4 rebounds; Pelicans' Ingram scored 12 points, Reddick and Bauer each scored 11 points.

The pelicans began the third quarter after chasing five points in a row. Among Bradley's three points, McGee scored four points. They led the team to a 9-0 climax, and the Lakers led 83-67. Ingram hit back three points. Davis found the crosshairs on the outside line and scored three three-point goals. He scored 15 points alone. With 2 minutes and 55 seconds left in this section, the Lakers took a 100-76 lead. Ingram scored another three points and led the team to chase another seven points. Davis made two free throws and Kuzma made three points. The Lakers led by 22 points 105-83 at the end of the third quarter.

The pelican team, which was behind by a big score, quickly launched a counter attack at the end of the quarter. Among Moore's three points, fevos scored twice under the basket. They led the team to chase 9 points, and the pelican team chased 92-105. LeBron turned and hit a jump shot to stop the bleeding for the team. The pelicans chased another 4 points, and they were only 11 points behind. LeBron made another layup. Favos and Bauer joined hands for 4 points. With 5 minutes and 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the pelicans fell 102-110. LeBron and Davis took turns to attack and fight back. Favos scored 3 points successfully. Bauer and Ingram scored points successively. The pelicans fell 109-116 with 2 minutes and 25 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Green regained his touch, hit three points on the left wing, Davis hit a jump shot, and the Lakers led 121-109 with 57.4 seconds left in the fourth quarter. The pelicans still didn't give up resistance. Ingram and Bauer jointly recovered 4 points, green hit a jump shot, and the Lakers won 123-113.

Pelicans starting lineup: Bauer, Reddick, hollerdy, Ingram and favos

Lakers starting lineup: LeBron, Bradley, green, Davis and McGee