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What is lapis lazuli? What uses does lapis lazuli have

What is lapis lazuli? What uses does lapis lazuli have

Lapis lazuli is a rare mineral. As one of the ancient jade, it is loved by the Oriental people. So, what is lapis lazuli? What is the use or function of lapis lazuli? Let's have a look!

What is lapis lazuli

The so-called lapis lazuli was introduced into China from the 'Silk Road'. It has a dense block and granular structure, and its color is translucent to opaque equiaxed crystal system such as dark blue, purple blue, sky blue and green blue.

Lapis lazuli is dark blue and pure, without cracks, fine texture and calcite impurities. Lapis lazuli is loved by emperors of all dynasties because its color is like heaven. Emperors like to use lapis lazuli to make the temple of heaven, but in the Qing Dynasty, the imperial clothes of officials were made of lapis lazuli.

Efficacy and function of lapis lazuli

Wearing lapis lazuli is good for human body. It can help insomnia, dizziness, headache and reduce blood pressure. It can also relieve mood and improve diseases of trachea, throat and respiratory tract.

Lapis lazuli is also the main raw material of natural blue pigment. Lapis lazuli can be ground into powder and then used as a raw material for pigments used in painting. In ancient times, lapis lazuli was also made into cosmetics to depict eyebrows.

When wearing lapis lazuli, you should pay attention to avoid scratching, because the hardness of lapis lazuli is not large. Then, pay attention to the maintenance of lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli cannot be soaked and washed with water, but can be gently wiped with a wet cloth.