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How to lose weight quickly after the Spring Festival as the saying goes, every festival we gain three pounds. We believe that when we stay at home, we sleep every day except eating, and the day is Meizizi. Then we can't believe our eyes in the later process of the year. In the past ten days of the Spring Festival, the weight growth rate is too amazing. So how can we lose weight scientifically after the Spring Festival? Let's have a look.

1. Water can be quickly reduced, and therefore the weight can be quickly reduced. Diuretics (urine), laxatives (feces), saunas or wearing plastic clothes (sweating) can immediately reduce weight. But the loss of water will damage the body's functions, such as reducing immunity, fatigue, listlessness, etc., and once you add water, your weight will soon recover ('rebound '). Some diet tea health products contain rhubarb, senna and other laxatives.

2. The muscle can also be reduced quickly. The main method is hunger. When you go on a diet and starve, glycogen and protein in your muscles break down and take away water from your muscles. Generally, every time 1 jin of glycogen or protein is broken down, 4 jin of water will be lost at the same time, and the combined weight will be reduced by 5 jin. Therefore, a strict diet will lead to weight loss within 2 or 3 days. However, if there is no muscle, glycogen or protein to decompose, then starvation will not reduce weight quickly.

3. Fat is the stored energy, which is very slow to mobilize. Since there is no way for the body to excrete fat, fat must be oxidized into carbon dioxide and exhaled from the lungs, reducing fat usually cannot be too fast. Taking yujiale (thyroid hormone) can improve the basic metabolism, speed up the conversion of fat into carbon dioxide, and reduce the weight in one or two weeks (fat and muscle are decomposed), but it is harmful to health, and it will rebound after stopping the medicine. Drug use also improves basic metabolism, can reduce weight in a few weeks, and rebound very slowly, but the harm is fatal. All the drugs that improve the basic metabolism have the effect of reducing body weight rapidly, and the side effects are very large.

4. Exercise can also promote the conversion of body fat into carbon dioxide, but because the calorific value of fat is almost the same as that of gasoline, it is durable, so even if the amount of exercise is large, such as running for one hour every day, the fat reduction is very slow. What's more, early exercise makes muscles increase, counteracts the weight loss caused by fat loss, and makes the weight loss not obvious.