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What are the good dog movies? Top ten dog warm heart movies

It is often said that dogs are the most loyal friends of mankind, so now more and more people keep dogs and regard dogs as family and lifelong companionship. Many film and television works also depict touching events between people and dogs. These film and television works have deeply moved the audience and made people take pet keeping more and more seriously: if you choose to keep it, you should be responsible for it all your life. So what are the good dog movies? This article brings you the top ten dog warm heart movies. Let's see which one you like best. Top 10 dog movies:

No.10 a dog's mission

The film shows the subtle emotions between dogs and humans from the perspective of Wang Xingren. A dog accompanied the little owner to grow up and even tracked down his girlfriend for him. Later, it died in old age and reincarnated into dogs of other genders and types.

The second reincarnation dog became a police dog, majestic, and once again reincarnation, a little cocky dog accompanying a single young woman. After many reincarnations, he finally returned to his original master.

Netizen comments: all people who have had pets hope that the pets they once loved will come back to find themselves & hellip& hellip;

No.9 dog's Secret Life

Smart spenger, cute Labrador, vigorous husky, naive pug, every dog can melt your heart. How do dogs look at the world and how do they look at us? What are their unknown special abilities?

In the documentary dog's secret life, dogs are no longer just human pets. They have their own dog perspective and record how this lovely pet adapts to life.

Netizen comments: this documentary makes you know your dogs better and love them more. You can even see the world from their perspective, and even teach you to identify whether your dog is left-handed.

No.8 Marley and I

John and Jenny are a happy couple. Shortly after their marriage, they went to live on the West Palm Coast of Florida and found satisfactory jobs.

According to the traditional model, the family that has been on track can welcome the arrival of new members. However, John and his wife did not seem ready for this. At the suggestion of his friend sabinstein, John decided to give his wife a yellow labrador as a drill before parenting.

This little guy named Marley entered John's house in this way. He was naughty and tireless, causing a lot of trouble to John and his wife, but he also became an indispensable member of the family & hellip& hellip;

Netizen comments: a dog may not be as valuable as villas, famous cars and famous brand clothes, but it will repay you with its true feelings as long as you pay your heart, whether you are poor, rich, smart or clumsy.

No.7 sorry, thank you

This film consists of four relatively independent and interrelated Stories: Thank you, I'm sorry, Zu Zu, my brother and kitten kiss. It tells the story of the warmth between the little animals and their owners.

"Thank you, I'm sorry" tells a story between a little girl and her dog. The little girl was devastated by her father's death, but the dog left by her father was always with her.

Netizen comments: when you are tired of the world, stay with your most loyal friends.

No.6 jungle chizixin

Disney released a very special film "the heart of a jungle child" in 1987. The story is about a dog named Benji.

The story of the spirit dog Benji wandering in the wild. Benji found that a leopard mother was shot and killed by a hunter, leaving four helpless little leopards. Driven by compassion, Benji didn't care to stay away from his home. He also took the task of taking care of the four little leopards, and even gave up several opportunities for him to go home. Benji also had to guard against the attacks of fierce beasts such as gray wolves, protect the safety of the little leopards, and finally found a suitable destination for the little leopards.

Netizen comments: I finally found the 11-year-old movie that made me cry. When the dog led the wolf to the edge of the cliff and almost threw himself out, the tears couldn't stop. When I dried my tears and looked back at my mother, she had already become a tearful person and put down a sentence: don't put these crying films next time ⋯&# 8943; I said, mom, I don't work for CCTV.

No.5 man dog romance

11 year old brother Canyi takes good care of his sister Xiaoyi. They always believe that as long as they are obedient, their mother who runs away from home will return to them one day.

Xiaoyi's birthday came. In order to meet her wishes, her brother gave her a newborn puppy. Xiaoyi thought it was a gift from her mother, so it was named 'Xinyi'.

With the company of her heart, when Canyi was not at home, Xiaoyi had playmates. The three little guys lived happily like a family. In the twinkling of an eye, Xinyi grew up. On a sunny winter day, Xinyi pulled an ice cart and took Xiaoyi to play happily on the frozen river. Unexpectedly, Xiaoyi fell into an ice hole & hellip& hellip;

Canyi blames Xinyi for Xiaoyi's unexpected fault. Canyi, who has no mother or sister, can't accept Xinyi to stay with her again. Therefore, Canyi leaves home and starts a new life. Xinyi follows her and starts a journey of pursuit & hellip& hellip;

Netizen comments: it's hard to believe that you can still have the opportunity to cry so miserably when watching movies. Now you still want to cry a little when you think of it. The first dog film in the history of Korean film is definitely not what we think. It is definitely another move different from the guide dog little Q.

No.4 my dog skip

Willie was the only child in the family. In that era, the only child was very rare. Therefore, Willie was bullied and excluded by his peers, and his character became more and more lonely. Only DINK who lives next door can make Willie feel happy and safe. He even asked DINK for advice on how to become a baseball pitcher.

But the trusted friend left Willie and went to the battlefield. In order to comfort the sad Willie, his mother gave him a puppy named skip. Skip was smart and obedient. With his help, Willie gradually opened his heart and had a group of friends.

DINK came back, but he was charged with deserting. Willie invited DINK to his football game. The latter broke his appointment. Angry Willy vented his anger on skip, which directly led to skip's running away from home. At this time, Willy found that skip was so important to him. He was determined to find it and apologize to it.

Netizen comments: I really can't resist animal themed films, plus all the trivia of a child's beautiful childhood, which is warmth and warmth! Skip burst into tears when he was awakened by Willie on the operating table!

No.3 Antarctic Adventure

The icy South Pole welcomed three scientific research team members. They wanted to search for a meteorite, accompanied by eight sled dogs. The scenery of Antarctica is beautiful, but danger comes with the beauty.

A snowstorm made the scientific research team feel the pain. One of the team members fell into the ice water under the thin ice and was in danger. Fortunately, the sled dogs spared no effort to save the team members -- this seems to be just a small prelude, and a more severe test is still ahead.

The violent wind and snow are raging in the Antarctic. The scientific research team is in a dilemma. They struggle to survive in the bad weather and environment. They can only decide to give up the eight loyal sled dogs. But when they returned safely, they couldn't let go of the dogs who were still in danger. In order to save them, the three turned back to the Antarctic land along the way.

Netizen comments: dogs can live when no one depends on them. They also have their own organizational principles. To put it bluntly, dogs are more human than people. Animals are more human than people these days.

No.2 story of loyal dog Bagong

Bagong is a mysterious dog, because no one knows where it comes from. Professor Parker found a lost puppy at the railway station in the town. It seems that the puppy is destined to have some kind of fate with Professor Parker. As soon as Parker picked up the puppy, he can't put it down again.

Finally, Parker's love for dog Bagong influenced his wife Carter, who initially strongly opposed keeping dogs. Bagong grew up under the care of Parker. When Parker went to work, Bagong would always take him to the station. When he got off work, Bagong would climb at the station early and wait. Bagong's loyalty made people in the town love him more.

One day, Bagong performed abnormally when Parker was going to work. He actually played a ball picking game he had never played before. Bagong's performance made Parker very satisfied, but that day, Parker died of illness.

Parker's wife, daughter Andy and son-in-law Michael buried Parker with great sadness, but the eight heroes who did not know where were still waiting in front of the station at 5 p.m. every day, waiting for the master's return & hellip& hellip;

This film is based on the true story that took place in Japan in the 1930s. After making a film in Japan in 1987, it created a box office of 4 billion yen.

Netizen comments: I remember Zhang Ailing said, I want you to know that there is always someone waiting for you in this world. No matter when or where, you know, there is always such a person. Hachi's perspective will appear from time to time in the film. Black, white and gray are very subtle. I always feel that the smile it sees is particularly bright.

No.1 ten agreements between dog and me

The 14-year-old girl Mingli Saito adopted a lovely puppy. At her mother's suggestion, she named the puppy 'Sox' and made 'ten agreements' with the puppy. Soon, her mother died, and her father, a doctor, was busy with his work and had no time to take care of Mingli. Sox became Mingli's most loyal playmate.

Mingli has a dream to become a friend of Xingjin as a performer. When Mingli moved because of her father's job transfer, Sox was foster at Xingjin's house. But when Xingjin was going to study abroad, her father didn't send Mingli on time because of the emergency. Mingli couldn't see Xingjin at the last.

In order to make up for his long-term debt to his daughter, his father decided to resign and open a small clinic. The 'family of three' lived together again. However, when she grew up, Minli began a busy life and spent less and less time with Sox and her father. Later, Mingli met Xingjin, who returned from her studies. They also became lovers in love.

Ten years have passed since she first met Sox, and SOX has come to the end of her life. At this time, Minli remembered the ten agreements with Sox & hellip& hellip;

Netizen comments: what moved my heart was not only the death of the dog, but also the photos secretly hidden in the kennel and my mother's letter. What moved my heart was my father's white hair, tears and the grand handover ceremony. If you decide to have a dog, please remember to ask yourself if you can fulfill these 10 agreements and treat a life that doesn't know how to express. It will love you and be loyal to you, but it will also cause you trouble and won't say sweet words. It's not a toy, it just won't